Monthly Archives: February 2002


Up until two days ago I was getting annoyed that I'd spent all that money on a set of Pirelli snow racing tires… thankfully it finally snowed so the investment is paying off. I've been getting plenty of glares from people in their little trucks that can barely get through the side streets. They don't seem too happy to see this little four-wheel-drive sportscar zipping around them.

There is one big risk though still (outside of getting smashed into by some idiot) — streetcar tracks. The TT is pretty much exactly the same width as the tracks, and the tracks are the one point where you get no traction (since it's just smooth metal). You tend to find yourself sliding down them.

I haven't got time to do a newsblurb today, but let me recommend again that people read AntiWar. Keep up on it. As far as I can tell, America is moving towards an all-out us-or-them scenario with the entire planet; not just the Muslim part. It's on the edge of war with much of Asia, and the EU is beginning to object strenuously to its actions. I just can't believe the American public is allowing it to happen — start with the following assumptions:

  1. Capitalism is a pyramid scheme. In this type of system, rich people by definition must live by stealing from the poor.
  2. The government is made up of, and put in power by, extremely wealthy defense contractors and oil barons.

That means one very frightening — and, looking at current events — obvious conclusion:
It is in the best interests of the US government to cause both domestic and international poverty to increase.

This isn't conspiracy theory stuff. This is all in the mainstream news.

Look it up if you don't believe me.