I should do tech support.

So, a few days ago I mentioned that when people send stolen photos, my new scheme is to send them something along the lines of the following message:

Great picture, full membership for you... As soon as you answer this skill testing question (sorry, it's required by law to make sure you are mature enough for the content of the site):

"Monday and Tuesday have two, Wednesday and Thursday have one, Friday has six and Saturday and Sunday have none, what is it?"

I have set your username to "guest3943". Your password is the answer to this riddle. Enjoy the site,


Normally they don't reply, but I did just get one from Johnny Love (I guess some sort of superhero) who wasn't able to figure out that he'd been caught in a lie… Oblivious to his flaming pants…

holy shit how em i suposed to crack that just send me my password im 25 years old and i don't no the answer

I think I'll reply:

I'm really sorry, you must know that in Canada you can't give away rewards without a skill testing question. We've talked to our lawyer about it and they've given us an alternate easier question. I'm sure you'll have no problem with this one:

"How many regulation-size basketballs will fit in a one meter cube, assuming that all the air is removed from the basketballs and there are no other objects in the cube?"

I've had to reset your username because of the question changing as well. Your new username is guest4481 and the password is of course the answer to the question above.

Again, enjoy the site,


Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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