And now some good news

One of the things you guys probably all know about me at this point is that I have MANY projects always on the go… One of the biggest problems body modification faces as it moves/evolves into medical territory is that people are operating recklessly — let's face it, no matter how much we'd like to be, without 10+ years of med school, we're just not qualified for some of these things!

As such, it leaves us with three choices:

  • Go to someone who isn't qualified and take the risk. This is the option most people choose, often with crippling side-effects.
  • Don't do the procedure. This would be the logical choice, but pretty much nobody picks it.
  • Find a qualified and willing doctor to do it. This is the option I am working to make possible.

My database of extreme-mod friendly doctors is coming along well, and I'm now building up a database of doctors who will do implants, subincisions, castrations, amputations, etc… Soon there will be no excuse for not getting these procedures responsibly.

I should also mention that when going to a doctor, unlike a non-medical practitioner, there is a screening process. If you are clearly mentally unstable, they will not work on you at all, and they will require you to talk to a psychiatrist first to ensure you understand the implications. (This is a good thing).

I know that there are people working to keep these advanced mods in the hands of this community, and as much as that would be nice, it's simply not responsible unless these folks intend on getting the training required. Extreme mods can carry extreme danger, and now they're going mainstream… The rules are changing, and we must work inside these new conditions if we don't want to see a very unpleasant crackdown.

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