First of all, is it just me or was IAM running super slow last night? Looking at the server, I couldn't see any extreme load on the machine — the CPU never maxxed out — so I'm not sure where the problem was… If it happens again today I'll look into it more seriously.

I'll do some more fiddling with the custom layout tools today… But I'll briefly mention a few news stories that I thought had merit. The first to catch my eye was Bush's new “NO NEUTRALITY” stance. Why shouldn't countries have the right to be neutral? So now Iceland (because they're neutral, not because Bush mentioned them) is the evil enemy, because they're neutral? It's one thing to lump in countries like Iraq, but it starts getting ridiculous when you claim that neutral = evil as well.

I'll just quickly blip a few stories here as I desperately need to get to work:

  • Washington has love affair with terror – A brief history of foreign deaths caused by the US. I had no idea that the US bombing killed nearly 3 million Koreans… Note: this is not a “US had it coming” type article, just a death-toll count.
  • The Worst Day of the War – Contrasts differing responses to American troop deaths (“worst day of war”) to Afghan civilian deaths (“president's approval soars”).
  • War 'playing into al-Qaeda's hands' – How the war has helped al-Qaeda and similar groups far more than hurting or even threatening them.

Well… If that doesn't suck enough for you, and you want some more down-to-earth evil that's easier to understand and easier to beat, just click here instead.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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