New movies

Saira and I went shopping at W. Y. Trading (thanks to a recommendation from Derek) and I picked up a few new DVDs (they were like $10 US each, super cheap!). Here they are, along with the descriptions on the back:

Dial D For Demons

Several buddies stay at a resort villa that many suicides by using charcoal burn happened there. Before nightfall, they begin to witness many horrible incidents. One by one, they receive the exact time of their respective Doomsday via their cell-phones and beepers. In succession, each is charcoal-burnt to death. The only girl still alive, together with the spirit of her boyfriend, unveil the evil and mystery of a charcoal demon.

There is a Secret in my Soup

Maggie, a prostitute who is addicted to drugs and gambling, is locked up by three load sharks. These malignant and crazy guys start ill-treating her by various cruel, painful and inhuman ways. Maggie is finally died after several days of non-stop suffering. But the terrible game still continues, they amputate her dead body disgustingly…

My Cousin, the Ghost

Richard runs a Chinese restaurant in England, and has earned a deserved reputation for his mean-spiritedness. He even causes one of his cousins, Ma, to be deported by the U.K. immigration department. Another cousin, Kenny, finds himself in a unique situation when Richard dies. The latter's ghost turns up at the home Kenny and Ma share in Hony Kong. Kenny and Ma decide the only way to rid themselves of this troublesome spirit is to find him a ghostly bride, which leads to a supernaturally amusing comedy of errors.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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