QOD v3.0, share your kung fu

I'm currently writing the new version of QOD (version 3.0). It's the last element of the “live” part of BME that is still using file formats that can't scale easily. Anyway, if anyone wants to write a Windows/Mac/Linux client for it (so people can download the QOD database and then browse it themselves), I'd be glad to provide the specs for the file formats.

Something like this wouldn't be difficult. If people find it useful, maybe we could even throw together a downloadable version of the glossary and the other systems. I'd be glad to write things that let you download database updates and all that…


As soon as I have a spare moment I intend to start teaching myself Chinese. As I mentioned before, I really feel like I'm missing out reading translations — there is so much both about the way the language is written and spoken that can not be translated. I already speak a handful of languages (not that well, but well enough to have some insight into them), and I know, for example, that even with my limited understanding of Hebrew, I really appreciate reading things in their source language.

Anyway, maybe I'm just concerned that I'm not understanding my new favorite movie, Shaolin Soccer… Seriously, if you haven't already picked this up, I can not recommend it highly enough. Here are some shots from the start of the movie. It gets far wilder as it progresses:

Finally, a number of people have sent me links to yet another piercing record attempt. Let me make something very clear: The world record for most number of piercings in one day is 6,000. 420 is very impressive (and a great number to choose) and my hat's off to Nathan for that, but it's not a world record.

I'm getting so sick of this. Maybe at the May 20th BBQ we should shatter that “record”. Does anyone think they can handle at least a few thousand needles?

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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