Monthly Archives: March 2002

Modified Manifesto

I've decided to write a manifesto. I'm mostly writing it to help myself, to try and clarify how I want to live my life and identify clearly the principles that I hold to be worthwhile. It addresses many subjects, but one that is briefly touched upon is the question “why?”.

On the subject of the question “why”

The very question “why” is offensive. The suggestion that somehow WE are obligated to answer this question when THEY are not is by definition bigoted.

One has the responsibility to answer the question why to oneself. Under no circumstances does anyone have the right to non-consensually question or investigate the personal motives.

I was reading the news this morning to see if anything was written on the FL piercer busts, but not yet… I did however run across a couple stories on athletes and their lucky tattoos… One on Seve Ballesteros and one on Juan Dixon

The book is in!

Woooo hoooooooooo!!! The books are in and they look amazing. I know that officially they aren't shipping until April 1st, but this of course means that those of you who have pre-ordered will be getting them early. There are still a few left at the low price for those of you who haven't snapped them up yet. And now some pix from the delivery:

The truck arrives.

Danielle helping unload.

Mt. ModCon

My Love's all tucked out.

The first box opened.

The first book unwrapped!

There's also an image update later today — we're not even close to caught up to the huge backlog (serves me right getting sick), but there are about 700 new images going up today… The rest will be posted over the next few days.

Pending memberships will be processed later in the day; I have to rewrite that software so it's not sending out authcodes anymore (as some of you know!).

Fame and fortune

A number of people have sent me messages over the last while about various IAM knockoff sites popping up over the net, some innovative community sites, and just some cheap clones (I even saw one that used many of the little icons from IAM and even had a parody account making fun of me — if anything lets you know you've reached celebrity status, maybe it's that). Some seem to be legitimate attempts to build something positive, and maybe it's my megalomania talking, but I think some of them are just products of spite and jealosy!

Anyway, people have asked me what I think of all this, so here's my official response: I think it's great. (Although I have to admit that I think that exact copies are a little lame, and I hope their designers will push themselves a little harder; it's a lot harder to innovate than it is to copy, but I certainly find the copying flattering).

I have always said to people who don't like the way IAM is set up to go and build their own community site. I've even told people fairly regularly that I don't mind if they use a copy of IAM's interface (hey, I think it's a good interface — people SHOULD use it). I am utterly thrilled that some people actually had the moxie to attempt it. I haven't seen any yet that carry even a fraction of IAM's feature set, nor have I seen any that could handle IAM's load, but I have seen a few that are playing with some very interesting ideas, so I'm looking forward to seeing what people do with them.

I'll just give one warning to the designers and programmers: build your system to handle load from day one. Don't underestimate how big it can get! Being sloppy on a few structures at the start made me waste weeks on reworking later. Especially if your system is more “open” (ie. easier for anyone in the general public to join), make sure if can handle tens of thousands of users and the demands they bring. Also, make sure that every system is designed to be automated, because if your site becomes popular, you won't have time to answer those messages.

Doctor report

Waited a while.
They brought my file in.
Waited a while.
Read my blood report.
Waited a while.
Doctor came in.

Me: “I've had a chance to look over my bloodwork and medical file and would like to tell you my diagnoses. Let me know if I get anything wrong.”

The bloodwork looked relatively normal, although it had a few odd glucose indicators — but nothing shocking. My body's insulin response was simply a bit overactive — nothing there suggested diabetes or similar difficulties. Nutritional problems, coupled with a heavy schedule, high stress, and lack of sleep, exaggerated existing minor neurological problems. The first step in treatment should be improved nutrition along with a lightened workload.

My doctor let me know that I should eat less but more often, and avoid sweets, and to try and relax more… So I guess that's the plan…

The technical term is Mutant Healing Factor

Just over 24 hours ago this wound was open to the bone, and now it's “almost healed”.