Monthly Archives: March 2002

More little changes

OK, I've finally scanned a picture of an unusable money order and put it on the paid application pages — it's quite shocking how often I get money orders that are stamped with “NEGOTIABLE ONLY IN THE US” (which of course I can not cash here). What's even more shocking is that most of these people tell me that the post office specifically told them that they could be cashed in Canada. They can't.

I've also added a “paid IAM” option to the signup pages. This will also cover the bonus features if you don't have a membership already (this way you don't have to pay for a BME membership if you don't want to and can just cover your IAM bills instead). Don't buy one of these yet though! There aren't any bonus features yet — as soon as there are I'll post about it here and then you can decide.

Well, I think it's about time to switch over to video editing… I'm thinking that I'll probably post a scarification video on saram by luisg (who incidentally I think is now in the job market if there are any quality shops looking for a piercer).

Note: Before anyone gets worried, I have no plans to make IAM pay-only. This pay option is just for people who don't want to send in pix/stories for some reason. In addition, paid users are subject to the same rules as free users, so this is not a way to bypass TOS.

Tough calls…

First I want to say that this isn't a “funmail”. I totally understand where this piercer is coming from and appreciate his concern, and it's one I've heard quite a few times before. The reason I'm bringing it up here is that it's something I really want all piercers (and all practitioners of all kinds) to read.

They were concerned because a person had written an experience about them, not saying anything specifically slanderous about them, but just an overall negative experience that didn't speak well for the piercer because of some omissions. I don't have any reason to believe this piercer is any worse than usual, and, in fact, judging by the civilized tone, I suspect he's a really nice guy. Here's an excerpt:

"She kindly forgot to mention the numerous times that I told her the way she wanted to place the multiple tongue piercings wouldn't work due to being extremely close together. But alas... I'm only the lowly piercer and my advice wasn't good enough for her and she INSISTED on the placement that I told her would not look good or work. (Actually, about four other people in the shop told her as well that it wouldn't work)."

I told him the same thing I've been telling everyone:

"I totally understand where you're coming from, but let me suggest something: You are the piercer and the professional and you are far more qualified to know what will work than some customer. If the customer asks you for something that you know is a bad idea, and you still do it, then ultimately it's you that's responsible for that, not them...

You know what I mean? If you go to a plastic surgeon and ask them for a "bad idea" procedure, they won't do it. If they do, they'll be hit with malpractise charges.

(Sorry I don't have something better to tell you)...


I'm very serious about this — if you are a practitioner, you may not act irresponsibly on the public without facing the consequences. It doesn't matter if they beg you. It doesn't matter if they offer to pay you extra. It doesn't matter what the reason is. If you believe a procedure is unsound, do not do it. You're the expert, not them.

The sign of a great practioner is not just in the procedures they achieve, but more in the procedures they turn away.

On the subject of staring

There's a little Canadian movie project called Whale Music (based on the Paul Quarrington novel, but not on the Rheostatics album of the same name, although they did do the soundtrack — just a coincidence) that I quite liked. The main character, Desmond, I have been told by a number of people echoes many aspects of my own life… This morning I bumped into Maury Chaykin, the actor that played him. For someone who should know better, I think I made him feel uncomfortable with my occasional staring (mostly trying to figure out if he was Maury Chaykin or a hobo that looked a lot like him).

Quick news (sorry, you'll have to read the stories yourself, I only have time to write a sentance on them), then I have to open up this machine (at home, not IAM) and pop in a burner:


Oh noooooo!

PS. BME update


OK, I forgot to turn on the scambots on before leaving, but they're running now. As soon as they're done, I'll get an experience update. Until then, here's a teaser of the work we're doing on my hands:

Also, I know that there are some of you out there “plotting” against a certain sexually indiscrete heavy mods practitioner, trying to invent lies about him to get him thrown in jail, making up fake pictures of him with five year olds and bullshit like that. Stop it. Whatever problems you have with this person, this is NOT the right way to solve it, nor will this do anything but disrupt the lives of a lot of innocent people, most likely including mine.