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And now some good news

One of the things you guys probably all know about me at this point is that I have MANY projects always on the go… One of the biggest problems body modification faces as it moves/evolves into medical territory is that people are operating recklessly — let's face it, no matter how much we'd like to be, without 10+ years of med school, we're just not qualified for some of these things!

As such, it leaves us with three choices:

  • Go to someone who isn't qualified and take the risk. This is the option most people choose, often with crippling side-effects.
  • Don't do the procedure. This would be the logical choice, but pretty much nobody picks it.
  • Find a qualified and willing doctor to do it. This is the option I am working to make possible.

My database of extreme-mod friendly doctors is coming along well, and I'm now building up a database of doctors who will do implants, subincisions, castrations, amputations, etc… Soon there will be no excuse for not getting these procedures responsibly.

I should also mention that when going to a doctor, unlike a non-medical practitioner, there is a screening process. If you are clearly mentally unstable, they will not work on you at all, and they will require you to talk to a psychiatrist first to ensure you understand the implications. (This is a good thing).

I know that there are people working to keep these advanced mods in the hands of this community, and as much as that would be nice, it's simply not responsible unless these folks intend on getting the training required. Extreme mods can carry extreme danger, and now they're going mainstream… The rules are changing, and we must work inside these new conditions if we don't want to see a very unpleasant crackdown.


Since I'm getting a bunch of messages whining about how I'm not making Christians feel welcome here on IAM, and how it's not fair for me to say anything negative about Christianity (in a “don't judge my beliefs and I won't judge yours” kind of way). So I'll just write my response here, to save people the effort of sending me messages on it:

Christianity, as a historical whole, is evil. You want that backed up with facts? It's not hard. You want me to list all ways and times Christianity has declared a destructive xenophobic and genocidal war on other cultures and other ideas? It's not hard.

Christianity long ago declared this war on the rest of the world, and I — and all other people who value their freedom — have a responsibility to speak out against this scourge when called to.

After you're done realizing all the evil that Christianity has committed — and continues to commit — try and list the “evil” that the body modification community has forced on others. Good luck finding anything. And I'm not interested in hearing the ridiculous “but we've changed” arguments about modern Christianity. I'm no more cool with Neo-Nazis than I am with Nazis, nor am I OK with the 21st century KKK, and attempting to transform a by definition evil empire into something benign simply isn't possible.

Nor am I interested in hearing any “but you're blaming Christianity for the Church's evils”. The Church is who created and molded this mythos and you can not separate the two. The world won't be a truly pleasant place until Christianity — and every other misguided destructive religion — is wiped off the face of the planet.

Hello, good morning

I'll make my “hello good morning” quick, because I'm planning on doing a big image update today, plus a pile of software work as well… I know that there are a number of you that are just desperate for custom layout. I have to be careful though; since I sped up the software, IAM usage has almost doubled! Of course, when the dead-account bot is run for the first time, it'll delete I'm guessing around 3500 dead accounts.

Oh, and is it just me, or is Afghanistan turning into Vietnam? I can certainly tell you from first hand knowledge that the US and Canadian troops that are being sent over there are impressive humans. These guys are certainly top of their game, but I really feel they may be getting asked to do the impossible — they're certainly fighting against the odds, and because these men are so remarkable and could do so many good things in the world, it breaks my heart to see them killed.

It goes on. I found this particular quote quite disturbing, “A bloodied, outnumbered band of US servicemen held off a determined al-Qa'ida force on frigid, rocky terrain at least 8,000 feet above sea level.”

A while back I wrote about how profoundly upset I was about seeing Tibettan Yaks at a zoo. When you take these animals below 10,000 feet, you cut their life in half. Your metabolism has to work very differently at high and low altitudes… Western troops are simply not trained for these environments, and what little training they have is, in my (uneducated but overconfident) opinion, ineffective. I should also remind people that when they see reports on the news about “8 American Soldiers Killed” that this is just the American news. Remember the Olympics? “American Blah Blah Blah won the Bronze medal” — if there was no US victor higher up, they just weren't mentioned. Point is, yesterday two Germans and three Danish were also killed (disarming a missile). Western losses are starting to grow…

If you prefer not to have your heart broken, but still want to talk about the politics behind all this war, I thought this article in the Mirror was good… It's another in the long stream of articles deconstructing the “Evil Axis” comment. The specifics of the words I really don't care about, obviously Bush is a moron and his handlers have used these terms like “evil” because it's the only way he can understand it. The big concern to me is why isn't Saudi Arabia in this evil axis? Why isn't Pakistan? Hell, why isn't CHINA? China certainly sells missile technology as indiscriminately as the North Koreans. And if you're going down that road, why isn't Kissinger up on war crimes (and is it just me, or does he look like Ben Stein)?

Finally, this article on Al-Quaeda “regrouping on the net” is interesting… It's no surprise they're using the net, obviously, but what is interesting is when you start asking — how are they intercepting this traffic? Those of you who are technically minded, think about what it would take… (and I wonder if things like this are related?)

OK, I know I just said “finally”, but there is some interesting science news from the last week two… In ancient history, they've finally showed much stronger and much more convincing dinosaurs with feathers proof, and then of course there's the 3.5 BILLION year old bacteria fossil (maybe). The one that I personally find the most interesting is the sonoluminesence/tabletop nuclear fusion experiments… I find it interesting on a religious level — almost every faith has held that there are “holy sounds” that weild enormous power… Could they just be memories of some sort of early sonoluminescent technology?

Now off to work…

Child abuse

I'm watching a documentary on “Christian Rock” (last year a BILLION dollars in sales in the US) — It's on CBC right now for anyone with Canadian TV access. It's literally making me sick. The footage they're showing is disgusting and utterly dishonorable… A bunch of artificial celebrities telling kids that if they don't buy these records and if they don't buy their church memberships they'll die and burn in hell.

Sometimes I wish I was living in China. At least China has the commonsense and moral courage to execute these parasites for their crimes against humanity.

I don't care if you want to believe in Christian Gods, or a single Christian god, depending on which myth structure you adhere to. I don't care if you want to believe in Odin and Thor. I don't care if you want to believe in some kooky Wiccan made-up modern pseudo-religion. I don't care if you're in the Church of Satan… But when you start fucking with kids heads like that, you really deserve to be burned at the stake. It is never acceptable to abuse children like that.


We went up and checked out the Dialexes today (a copy of the film made sort of like a blueprint, so it's all blue and smells real bad)… The book looks AMAZING! All the photos turned out like they should (I was worried that at high res all of a sudden all kinds of blemishes might show) and I'm very happy.

Here are some shots. Again, the final book is NOT BLUE. These are Dialexes:

Even more good news: The book gets printed this weekend, and it may well be totally done binding and everything next week, so those of you that have pre-ordered (and paid) will be getting your books potentially two weeks early!

Now the bad news: Once we have books in stock, the price goes up to the full retail (ie. add $5) from the pre-order price. So if you would rather pay the cheaper price, you should click here now to pre-order.