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I'll post nicer pictures later, but our architect whipped up a very quick model to give us an idea of general look and feel of the house — it really helped! The huge flat surface at the front of the house is solid glass, and the back is earth bermed to the height of the smaller walls. Anyway, like I said, I'll post clearer pictures later, but here's the preview:

Surface piercings

When this happened five years ago, there was an excuse… But I've been getting very very sick of every time I open a piercing/tattoo magazine, seeing an unlimited supply of poorly done surface piercings, which makes us all look bad. Sometimes I see dozens from a single piercer, leading me to one of the two following conclusions:

  • They have not monitored the healing of their clients and are doing experimental piercings on the public. As such, they are butchers that don't give a damn about their clients.
  • They know they're doing low grade unviable piercings and in effect are proceeding criminally. In this case as well they are butchers that don't give a damn about their clients.

I doubt it'll make much difference, since I've been spreading this information on the subject for I think six years now (and have even published articles on it in some of the biggest offenders such as Tattoo Savage), but I've added a “So you want a surface piercing” document to that section. I sure hope people bother to read it… But I'm not counting on these idiots changing their ways…

(PS. Read it.)

If you don't like orange…

Obviously, I have gone insane.


He's sad because he can't get piercings…


I got mail this morning from my friend Ryoichi in Japan, who, knowing my penchant for Jim Woodring artwork, sent me some Jim Woodring toys (made by Time Capsule, check them out) and a Pupshaw bag and a postcard! Very very nice mail to get!