Monthly Archives: May 2002

Biker influence

So I'm watching some robots war show on TNN and my mother calls. By the time the call was over and I'd walked the dog, some wresting show was on. I don't really know much about wrestling, but I was really surprised to see some guy (The Undertaker I think they said?) wearing a Support the Nomads (Hell's Angels) jacket, shirt, and pants.

It's no secret that bikers have control over an incredible number of industries, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the Hell's Angels Nomads can pull strings in the WWF.


Who likes car rides?

I should be in a grunge band.

The sincerest form of flattery?

So I looked at some tattoo magazines today, including various articles on “extreme” body modifications. I find it interesting how often articles on that subject make zero mention of BME, yet use terms that I made up, and structure their articles in the EXACT order that various BME FAQs are in… There are many cases that I see where people even copy my mistakes because they've ripped off some old out of date article and don't know enough to use the newer ones!

I looked around online a bit as well — there are now tons of body modification “communities”, some for enthusiasts, and some for piercers, and various sites claiming to be the “world's best” or “world's biggest” or “definitive resource on” or whatever when it comes to piercing and other mods. They rarely link to BME, but typically their content is almost non-existent or full of errors with the exception of poorly plaigerized versions of BME's glossary and FAQs. It's very easy to recongize because they'll use the weird names for unnamed piercings that I made up.

I suppose I should be flattered? I just wish that people would contribute something of their own though, not just a copy of someone else's work… Well, I think I'm going to go work on the male genital surgery FAQ, after all, if I don't write it, they'll have nothing to rip off!