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I'm working on an image update this morning, but I did want to draw people's attention to just a few quick stories… As you know, the US has said that if the Palestinians waver even slightly from Bush's orders, that the millions of dollars of support they are offered will be immediately withdrawn. However, the US has announced that even if Israel does things opposite to Bush's guidelines, it will still be given BILLIONS of dollars in payments.

The question is why? This article asks,

What does the Israeli government, Sharon, the Mossad, or any other such zionist organization have on the US president and the US congress such that they do not dare to come to their senses and tell Sharon to cease and desist his genocide against the Palestinians or the US will stop the flow of arms and treasure to his pipsqueak lump in the desert middle east.

That aberration in the sand has absorbed over 100 billion dollars of US taxpayer goods, arms, money so far, and is slavering for more. There seems to be only one explanation for this one-sided situation. Something or someone is blackmailing the administration and congress to do the bidding of a foreign government.

What could a blackmail of this nature be based on? Is it shameful deeds, as it was with Bill Clinton? Is it the fear of power and money? Or is it simply a quid pro quo - you vote the way I tell you and I will get you elected. What other answer can there be as to why the most powerful nation in the world rolls over and plays dead for the Middle East's most notorious collection of thieving saprophytes.

Now, that's a bit more extremely worded that I can entirely agree with, but I think the core question is solid: why does Israel have so much control over the US? Even when it's absolutely against the States' best interest, Israel still calls the shots, and as far as anyone can tell, the Israeli lobby in the US has more power than the US citizen voting population. Weird.

Well, least they have a “secret peace plan“. Yee ha.

On a more humorous level — and this story is a day old now so you probably know about it — Bush and PM Aznar of Spain sat down at the G-8 summit here in Canada during one of the rest breaks and started chatting. Bush then says to Aznar, “I've been working out — I can run four kilometers in six minutes and forty-five seconds.”

That's a sustained rate of about 35 kph, and would dramatically beat the current world record… Aznar wasn't phased though, and said to Bush, “Well then! This is the first time we have beat the United States at something, as I can run ten kilometers in five minutes and twenty seconds!”

Not that Bush noticed, but that put Aznar at a sustained speed of 113 kph on foot… and completing the run about five times faster than the current world record. It's good to know that the world has such physically — and mentally — fit leaders, isn't it?

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