A few days ago I mentioned in QOD that I'd be posting pix of implant tissue resorption. I added some to BME/Risks, but I thought I'd post the higher res versions here while I was at it. This was a Teflon dome implant placed on the sternum and kept in for about eight months. It was done by a very well known practitioner who's name I'll leave out of this because it's not relevant (except that they knowingly mislead the client about the risks in my opinion) since it'll happen no matter who does the procedure.

Anyway, in the first photo you can see the white Teflon dome being removed. The white in the second two photos is not the Teflon — the Teflon is already gone in those photos. That is what's left of the sternum. It was hard to get good shots of it, but you can see that the implant has rubbed down through all the tissue on top of the bone, and has started eroding the sternum itself.

Now what if that had been nerves and muscle instead of just bone and cartilage?

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