It's official: America is really messed up.

The US has now announced that it will by “hiring” (I'm not sure that you even get paid, but turning down the job would be a bad idea) 24 million domestic informants for its new “Terrorism Information and Prevention System” (TIPS, related to the highly suspect Citizen Corps agency). This is not a benign “neighborhood watch” — this is about reporting your neighbor for being potentially “anti-American” or “unpatriotic” or “a bit dark with an accent”. They are specifically targetting letter carriers, utility employees, truck drivers, and anyone else that has no-warrant-needed access to homes, businesses, and transport systems.

They're rolling this out next month in ten cities with about a million employees, and then across the nation. Any information gathered will not be confirmed — it will simply be added to your record without you being told (assuming action isn't taken on it). This information will be shared across all agencies, not just the one that originally gathered it.

Now for the scariest part: all of this is being coordinated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), which has the power to operate totally above the law. As many of you know, some of FEMA's sweeping powers, which are now linked to domestic intelligence, include:

  • Taking control of all transportation systems including seaports and airports.
  • Taking control of all communications media.
  • Taking control of all electrical, gas, mineral, and other power systems.
  • Taking control of all farms and food resources.
  • Allows for the formation of non-consensual civilian work brigades.
  • Taking over all health, education, and welfare systems.
  • Allows the Postmaster General to institute a national registration of all people.
  • Allows the government to take posession of all airports and aircraft, both private, public, and commercial.
  • Allows the government to relocate people at will.
  • Taking control over the judicial system and the penal system and have control over all aliens and tourists.
  • If a state of emergency is declared, including a “War On Terror”, Congress has no right to even review FEMA actions for six months.

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