Playing the tourist

I went to my second MSC event (hosted by Gary), along with Jon and Nick, and later Rachel. This month's event was a trip up the CN Tower, and I think next month is the Toronto Zoo (although there are some nudists pushing for Hanlan's Point — you can vote on Gary's page). Anyway, here are some photos I took today:

Looking up at the CN tower from outside. It's the tallest building in the world!

They swept us for bombs with a very scary portal.

You have to admit that's the best exit sign you've ever seen.

Going up the elevator — the whole trip took just under a minute.

This is the airport I learned to fly at, and in the very bottom you can see Violetsoda's big boat.

It's the BME HQ!

Looking out over the observation deck. As a point of trivia, the tower can handle 260 kph winds.

That's just mesh — the weather was wonderful, it was so much cooler than the ground.

It's Ontario Place.

The golf course is for the expensive waterfront condos.

Roy Thompson Hall is one of the cooler pieces of downtown architecture.

This is looking down through the glass floor of the CN Tower.

We had to wait 40 minutes for the glass-enclosed down elevator…

…which dropped us off in the gift shop of course!


Honestly, we had a good time.

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