Monthly Archives: July 2002

Napalm the downtown core… please!

There are three major festivals in Toronto this year. There's Gay Pride (obviously you know what this is), Caribanna (an Afro-Caribbean festival), and World Youth (a Catholic festival). Each draws about a million people, but each is treated very differently by the city. This damned Xtofest Pope-o-rama that's happening right was given something like $40 million by the city, and has been run at a loss, even though the city is currently overrun by bottom-of-the-barrel trash and no city revenues are generated… On the other hand, Gay Pride was given an insultingly small $40,000 (forty thousand dollar) grant by the city, even though it generates enormous revenue for city businesses and is a respected yearly event.

I declare:

The more gays and gay culture in Toronto the better.
The more blacks and Afro-Caribbean culture in Toronto the better.

I wish I could say the same thing about the obnoxious bottom-of-the-barrel xian trash that's currently overrunning the city, but I can't. Now, I should say that I have no problem with Jesus or God (define them as you see fit), and there are numerous Christians on IAM that I respect both as friends and as people (Scrunnel, Jason, or Zarathustra all are good examples of that), but if Jesus had less restraint he'd be tearing open the earth right now and letting these people fall to Hell without having to wait for their deaths.

Again, this is not an attack on Christianity — the vegan pot-smoking love-spewing Jesus figure is something we can all aspire to, irregardless of our faith… This is about a bunch of brain washed kids throwing their money and support at a pack of child molesting bastards that have caused more murder and suffering than any other force we've seen on this planet. If Bin Laden et al are required to pay for their sins in blood, I call for the international human rights court to indite the Catholic Church. They must answer for centuries of the most vile crimes humanity has produced.

And I am disgusted that I — as a taxpayer — just had to pay for their cult meeting.

Will the maps never end?

I know there are a few problems with international locations where there is more than one city of the same name… Sorry… Still working on it… But fixing that bug is definitely included in my to-do list. Anyway, here are some closeup maps of the different regions, using data from about four days ago if I remember right.


Australia, New Zealand

Central America

West Coast

East Coast




South America

Southeast Asia

Blue Reef

I did a quite few things today, other than the server move and drinking four or five jugs — so far — of extremely strong tea. At about 11:30 this morning I decided to pass the time by making some drinks. I didn't get any farther than a Blue Reef. Take the following, and shake well with ice cubes, and then strain. I served it in the wrong kind of glass… Sorry!

  • 1.5 ounces fresh lime juice
  • 1.5 ounces Blue Curacao
  • 0.5 ounces Galliano
  • 2.0 ounces light Puerto Rican rum

Looking at it now, it's not that much booze, but as a “wakeup” drink it does a good job of putting you back to sleep. Anyway, making drinks is a lot of fun… That recipe is from Beachbum Berry's Grog Log, which I definitely recommend.


Forget that “this is the last one” crap. I'm having too much fun with these maps… One of the problems with the candle maps below is that if there are a thousand people in one city, they don't look all that different from one person in a city. So… here's a volumetric map. The more people that are in an area, the bigger and brigher a circle it creates… Check it out:

More map stuff

OK, I admit this is mostly just masturbation… I'm simply testing some of my mapping routines at the higher resolutions. Click your region, and you might just see your name (note: I've overlayed everyone who has inputted valid data, so dense areas will be gibberish). As much as this is “fun”, soon you'll actually see “useful” applications of this as well:

PS. Don't click the bottom left one, it's really boring…