Monthly Archives: July 2002

One last map…

OK, I wanted to test to see if rather than scaling onto a world map, I could draw the output onto a North American map (or any map where I know the latitude and longitude of the corner points). Anyway, I'm done with this for now, but on the new server I'll make toys like this live (so for example, you'll be able to see a map like this, but it'll only show users who are currently online). Anyway, click below for another:

A better map?

Sorry to flood you with pictures, but I thought this map looked better:

Light a candle for me…

I wonder what the earth would look like if we turned out all the lights, and then every IAM member lit a candle and held it up to the sky? What would the watchers in the sky see on our little planet?

Internment camps

Right now they're just playing the “we believe the public wants them” game and claiming they'd never do it, but the US government has said that they can “foresee a scenario” where there would be a demand to place all Arab Americans in camps if Arab terrorists were to strike again. (Hmmm…. Hasn't this already started?)

Is it just me, or are the French begging to be bombed by the US? When asked if they knew when the attacks on Iraq would be, the French sources replied, “soon, possibly in the middle of August, while Bush is seen vacationing at his Texas ranch.” What does that mean?

Anyway, I've got to prep a few things for the big move tomorrow (get the server ready, rewrite file access things in the IAM software, etc.) and then maybe I'll fiddle with some map drawing tools… Sound alright?

Not that it's that exciting…

…but my bots can now draw charts (in PNG).
It's not plugged into anything, but the functions for actually doing it are complete.
Everything (including the text) is autogenerated: