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It's just rock and roll baby!

OK, first yesterday… We checked out a bunch of farmland, and then visited Ryan and Corrie and Eurrrrgh who arrived in his late seventies Trans-Am as old Guns'n'Roses was playing on the porch speakers. We had supper in Belleville — I'd forgotten how weird it is to have literally everyone in a restaurant staring at you. Which reminds me — the Zip-up Zombie hoodies are in stock, at least partially (XL only), and as I write this there are seven left. The design really turned out nice, and we made this cool logo for the front:

When we got home we'd just missed Marty and Marc, but Marty ended up missing his bus so we did end up seeing him at least… He's got my Vette for the next few days (he drives a very similar handling Mustang so I'm sure he'll treat it well), so let's hope he doesn't crash it or get hassled by the police (while the car is 100% legit, I've misplaced some of its paperwork)!

Now there's a piece of news that I wanted to know if it's true, or if it's some sort of “April Fools” type story. Anyway, in the Casco Bay Weekly they have an article entitled “Enlist or else” with a photo of these two guys:

The article claims that US teens when leaving highschool are agressively recruited by the military… No offense, but these two look like they're right out of Wayne's World, and I'm sort of confused as to why the military would push to get them on board.

Some kids say they were verbally abused by recruiters, who called them "fucking bums" and "worthless kids" when they refused to join up. They say recruiters offered them rides from school, work or home to discuss their future plans at recruiting offices... It's typical for kids nearing high school graduation to get phone calls from the military promising money, great benefits and travel...

"They told me I would be a fucking bum if I didn't join the Army," the Portland teen said. "After I took their verbal abuse, they sent me out in the January cold with no ride home." Woods said he tried to get out of enlisting over the phone, but was told he'd have to come down to the recruitment office to do so, face to face. A recruiter picked him up at his house, drove him to the South Portland office and demanded a reason for changing his mind.

This seems really weird to me… Does the US military really do this to kids, and more importantly, why would they want these kids to join? I'm not at all suggesting that these kids are incompetant, but if they don't want to be in the army, they're not going to be good soldiers. Here it's actually really hard work to get into the military and you have to really want it… It's no wonder the US has one of the lowest grade militaries in the world if this is how it's staffing itself!

Someone please tell me that article is just an odd joke…?

Update: Dozens of people have messaged me confirming that they had identical experiences to those described in the article… Goddamn is America a weird place! Seriously, it really disturbs me that the military machine there is so hungry for cannon fodder. It really puts the new Army video game into a much more propagandist and indoctrinatorial context!


Rachel and I looked at more land today… I'll write more on it and our day/evening tomorrow, but the basic specs: 175 acres, about 2000 feet of waterfront, 15-25 acres of cleared pasture, lots of forest, lots of wetlands. Asking price: $40k US.

Sir Oinks-a-lot

First, I'm sure everyone in the US has been told again that there are al-Qaeda cells operating in America. Don't believe that lie. It may be true, but don't believe that lie. The “proof” for this is always listed in small print near the bottom of the article (if at all): “intelligence officers obtained information about the cells from the al-Qaeda commander Abu Zubeida”. Abu Zubeida was captured months ago while on the run in Pakistan. Every single one of these bogus terror warnings has been sourced from him — he's making them up. Think about it logically — al-Qaeda is a highly paranoid and very secure group. They would not keep their plans or locations the same after someone with knowledge was captured.

Who cares who it's blamed on though — we all know it's just about money. They're well past fooling anyone at this point I think. It's a scary application of money though — Boeing has just merged its space and military units to be able to offer space weaponry more effectively, and the US is considering sending between 50,000 to 200,000 troops to fight in the streets of Iraq, a battle which they won't win, but that defense contractors (who have powerful lobbyists) will get very wealthy off of.

Of course, it's the American Citizen that has to pay for this (as well as the troops/pawns that will have to pay with their blood and with their lives). The current US national debt is $6.12 trillion. That means that every family owes $66,800… And, more importantly, it means that every US family has to pay interest on that debt — when you actually realize how much of your taxes simply go to paying off interest on national loans, you start to see the reality of the Illuminati Conspiracies.

PS. Want to know who's fault 9-11 was? “Blame it on the Nazis

Now, perhaps more importantly, let me just say, I like big boots and I cannot lie. Sadly, my boots are disintegrating, and I don't know anywhere in Toronto that still sells big boots… So… If anyone knows where here I can buy some, please let me know. Other than that I guess I'm stuck doing mailorder from Quebec?

Flesh eating disease

I know I'm a week behind on mentioning this, but I wanted to link to “Tattoos keep neighbors apart” in Ann Landers from last Friday… I really think she deserves credit for her response (click the link for the whole thing):

"Tattoos and body piercings do not make the girl an irresponsible babysitter or a bad influence. She may, in fact, be a terrific person. You cannot expect to shield your son from every person who has tattoos and piercings."

Anyway, time to get to the story that I wanted to talk about, and that I suspect hasn't gotten much press outside of Australia and New Zealand. James Leota-Tui, a 29-year old Samoan man, wanted to go through the same tattoo ritual (his pe'a) that his father went through now that he'd become the head of the family. Because “cultural tattoo artists” are exempt from health code rules, the artist was not keeping up with modern sterility guidelines. Five days into the procedure James had to be hospitalized from failing health, and died a few days later from flesh eating disease.

This is not the only case of this type of problem. Tattooing of this type is still done by “tattoo families” using traditional tools and traditional sterility control (ie. none). The problem is, modern times don't allow us the luxury of being sloppy when it comes to microbes…

James Leota-Tui was buried the same day the new tattooing health and hygiene guidelines were passed into law.


Has the US run out of money? Yesterday the US government announced that without $30 billion dollars in emergency spending, they'd be unable to issue veterens' cheques, pay troops, or maintain military equipment… So… Let's assume for a minute that's not a lie, and they actually do desperately need that money. Where will it come from? There are three choices as I see it:

  1. Raise taxes to cover it. It's only an extra $150 per taxpayer (“for just a quarter a day, you too can support murder!”)… Although that doesn't include all the other raises that have been given lately.
  2. Borrow the money. This raises US debt and weakens the US economy (also increasing taxes). In addition, foreign banks have little enough faith right now in the stability of the US that it may not even be an option.
  3. Print the money. This simply devalues the US dollar and speeds inflation, and weakens US companies internationally.

So… Now you're wondering — are there any other options? Where can the US get the money? Even though every one of its international allies has said “bad idea”, the US continues to stay on course with Iraqi invasion plans. Iraq is no threat to the US, nor have any countries in the region expressed support for US involvement — even the Kurdish rebels in Iraq do not want US involvement. So you have to ask yourself, who wants this war? What happens if the US invades Iraq and actually “wins”?

Black Gold! If Saddam Hussein is toppled, his overflowing oilfields (literally seven times those of the North Sea's UK and Norwegian sections) become open to Western companies — the same thing happened when Kuwait was “liberated” by the US, and the same thing happened in Afghanistan (the first thing that Bushareff's puppet government did was sign oil deals with US companies, many linked to corrupt US politicians). Western companies in turn kick back to the US government and the US economy as well…

It's a very dangerous game being played!

Remember what Jeffersom said?
“Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations — entangling alliances with none.”
May it's a good idea again?

And now I think I need to go clothes shopping, which is not at all something that I enjoy.