Over the past month I've been getting all my finances caught up so I can transition from doing them largely myself (with help from my accountant of course) to having a business services company deal with it (meeting on Thursday afternoon to do that, let's hope I remember). I can't even begin to describe how physically ill it makes me to have to worry about money. I despise it. I'm sure many of you feel exactly the same way.

I'm very good at the things that I do — mostly because I love doing them. But I hate — I mean, really hate, business and especially the bureaucracy that goes with it. It disgusts me to be a part of those processes. Unfortunately there are a number of things (and people) that are important to me that I need to generate some money to do, so I'm stuck doing it. I spent the afternoon sorting receipts and trying to ()(so far unsuccessfully) find my records from inside the moving boxes so I can hand them off and get this stuff out of my hair (and into more capable hair). When it's all over with I'm going to be very relieved.

Some good news at least is that I have the BBQ shirts in stock, so barring one of the stupid dogs (realistically my single largest sources of stress and irritation next to finances) wrecking them, at least that problem is out of the way… Here you go:

That said, I'm going to go through them and see if there are any misprints. Luckily this time they were early so such and issue could be handled with minimal stress. Now back to Quark XPress to try and get the next book ready for press. I'm shooting to have it ready by week's end.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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