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As my day goes by…

I am drinking a wonderful tea made up of a mix of sweetfern, red clover, raspberry, burdock root, echinacea, yellow dock and dandelion, all picked growing wild on a small homestead in northeastern Ontario (about half way between Petawawa and Ottawa). I'm a bit under the weather — Leeta is a purebread with a very weak immune system and she tends to catch things that no healthy creature should ever get. They then incubate in her, and far stronger and populous microbes are released.

Anyway, as such in a few minutes I will start chopping vegetables for a big hearty pot of chili. I've now lost about 60 pounds in all — down from fat bastard to kind of chubby (part of the reason I switched to a primarily vegan diet was because it got me out of some of my high calorie habits), but I'm thinking that to keep myself from getting sick I should make sure to eat as well as possible right now. I think that the other factor that makes me a bit sick is air conditioning; because it dries the air, because it makes my body constantly go into shock from coming in and out of it, and I suspect because it facilitates an environment that distills disease.

That said, I'm not complaining — I'm really quite healthy overall, just feel “on the verge”. However, I can't wait to get out of this festering city… Every day I worry that I'm going to get the plague or probably worse, and it's not like you can just stay inside to avoid it — houses are just giant dust traps for pestilence.

Boy, this entry is scatterbrained jibberjabber.

I found out recently that my parents lied to me my whole life about my IQ… The weird thing is that they told me my IQ was 20 points lower than it actually is. Seems like an odd thing to do. Now, the numbers they gave me were still off the chart so it's not like I felt bad about them, but given that I grew up around a number of other very high brainpower individuals (some are even on IAM!), it just struck me as very weird.

Well, enough of that, I've got chili to make and DVDs to edit. As a parting link, here's another: Dangerous high: B.C. residents hospitalized after eating poison houseplant. First of call, Come on! You're in BC! Pot capitol of the world! Second of all, this is quite surprisingly common — when I was younger, some friends, quite drunk after a party (actually, one of them was I think Corey who I told a story about a day or two ago) decided to pick weeds from the side of the road, roll them up in newspaper and smoke them… Too bad they smoked poison ivy.

One of them was hospitalized, the others just got ill.

PS. Speaking of poor judgment!

More evolved

I worked a bit on that shirt design… The front text is a little hard to read in the thumbnail, but you get the idea (if it's not damn obvious, it says “My tongue went to a piercing studio, and all I got was this stupid brain abscess“). The statistics on the back are accurate for America, although other nations will of course have lower rates of heart, colon, and gun deaths. Anyway, here's my idea for it:

Note: the typos on the back have been fixed.

Robots, robots, robots….

I'm working on a robot that can pretend to be a (rather drunk) version of any given IAM member, using simple Markov chain analysis of the text of your diary. For example, here is output based on the first 25,000 words of text on my page:

I am experimenting with a shower of already disconnected keys. When it hit the floor, shards of plastic met the air along with a little square of paper with a volley of profanity if you want prints or anything that I have to pay someone to do so… Which means that not only scared me out of it, and I (our neighbor as well) five years ago.

I don't know if this can be made illegal. You've got some scary leaders right now… Finally, I wanted to make a smart ass comment about this, it's such a “queer” or something like a million Vietnamese and over again, and then I'll render and upload it some time I'll add that to happen to myself, and for doing so. I'll link it in before we leave (although Rachel's food last night doing damage control so I'm trying to tell me it's on the amputee groups and mailinglists).

Many of you in four (and change) hours.

Whenever things are going to play that particular game. I also got a few of my life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we were discussing you–not me.

IAM: cheeky
Eliza: say, do you have to do it yourself?

You're really convinced it's a money making machine (a common accusation) then you should be fixed and I just keep seeing your (aborted) name on the site… But no! They all get supermad! fuck you stupid bitch I'am sorry but your fucking site. The “extremely harse” comments weren't actually harsh at all on a light tan shirt.

I will point to this site, who has since been removed. Racists will not let be do it anymore thank you.

Ah yes, now I have an article right now and letting these people off the site, but browse locked to certain “personality” criteria; that is, they get half way through! Oh yeah! I'm off now to get in touch with that love finds you when you're not looking for it. There's a pile of accounts have already been set up! I'm still pretty out of schools. Another argument is the best ones…

There's also a roll that went missing that we're trying to find. It's probably just rolled into the new BMEshop server, but that's another story, so I can draw one I imagine, but I haven't even really begun on that box. Just got a bunch of brain washed kids throwing their money and support at a gala event in the wrong location, even though the user entered their data correctly. I'll be damned if I have to be the immaturity confirming: “I insults who I am when I did, I don't think it's better than the other, and not long after that we'd moved in together.”

I think it was Slashdotted, but has an article right now (that's 1024 images, duh) for you, and if you want one, make sure they “got it”. I'll have to do it yourself, and you're really convinced it's a project that I “fall for” people very happy, I would tease you with one of my repetitive hookup — she had a thing of the Palestian menace is obviously antisemitic.. Wow — I've set up a poll; especially if you're going out, you can speak a few bugs and weird behaviors — feel free to use it now: I'll make a nice place.

It's not every man that can live off the shirt — the first to send way too much time listening to old songs on the main site… Now, I'm sure those companies are thinking, if only we could get some wars rolling, the market and always buy quality. If you don't like anyone at BME so don't be surprised with that mouth?

IAM: absolutely
Eliza: say, do you think I put a tiki head loosly based on what I'd call “daring” colours?

Yes, Eliza is a bot

I am experimenting with a bot interface to IAM.alive so that I can build an AI-based help system. Eventually you'll be able to ask it all kinds of tech support questions about IAM and BME, as well as being able to ask it about body modification (it will tie into the glossary, risks section, QOD, and all the FAQs)… However, right now, it's just tied into the old Eliza psychiatrist code.

I hope people don't mind, but here are some excerpts from its first (highly annoying) conversations:

IAM: Mental illness? that has nothing to do with body modification at all.
Eliza: say, do you have any psychological problems?
IAM: None that I know of i'm pretty content with life
Eliza: did you come to me because you are pretty content with life
IAM: i came because you referred to body modification as mutilation
Eliza: is that the real reason?
IAM: yes it is, it's exact and only reason. and i fail to see how someone could see body modication as mutiliation. Granted there are people who do mutilate their bodies but that is not body modification.
Eliza: why do you ask?
IAM: Well as i read it i didn't ask any questions in that last statement, was just statin that i don't see how you could say body modification is mutiliation
Eliza: don't you really see how i could say body modification is mutiliation
IAM: no i don't it's a transformation of your body not something done to make your body imperfect or to maim yourself
Eliza: don't you really its a transformation of my body not something done to make your body imperfect or to maim yourself
IAM: what do you mean “don't you really its”
Eliza: why do you ask?
IAM: why do i ask what? perhaps? you might wish to review the last statement and try to tell me what your saying. I said I do it as a transformation not to maim or make imperfect
Eliza: why do you ask?
IAM: ok since you are makin no sense at all i have nothing else to say

IAM: leave now, no one wants/needs you here.. you are not welcome here if this is the stance you are going to take. And you can not remain here with “stolen” pictures of others piercings.. Shannon will remove your page. And if those are your piercings you are the worlds biggest hypocrite…
Eliza: shannon? he's just a big eared freak.

IAM: if you're for real, how about you go fuck off?
Eliza: do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
IAM: absolutely
Eliza: say, do you have any psychological problems?

IAM: so what are you all about?
Eliza: why are you interested in whether or not i am all about
IAM: i'm just curious. you have very odd entries and claim to be a psychiatrist. you don't need to be defenesive, i'm a nice person. :)
Eliza: did you come to me because you are just curious i have very odd entries and claim to be a psychiatrist you dont need to be defenesive youre a nice person
IAM: huh?
Eliza: say, do you have any psychological problems?
IAM: i don't think so
Eliza: don't you really think so
IAM: should i?
Eliza: say, do you have any psychological problems?
IAM: you just asked me that
Eliza: we were discussing you–not me.
IAM: what??!!
Eliza: why do you ask?
IAM: you aren't real, are you?
Eliza: why are you interested in whether or not i am
IAM: because it matters to me
Eliza: is that the real reason?
IAM: you're fake!!!!!!!!

IAM: what do you mean save me from self mutilation. i dont mutilate myself.
Eliza: don't you really mutilate myself
IAM: im sorry i dont understand.
Eliza: don't you really understand
IAM: do you think body mods are mutilation or are you talking about cutters?
Eliza: why are you interested in whether or not i am talking about cutters

IAM: you smell ;)
Eliza: we were discussing you–not me.
IAM: cheeky
Eliza: say, do you have any psychological problems?
IAM: yup yup. i get depressed often :(
Eliza: are you sad because you want to avoid people?
IAM: yes how did you know? :(

For those of you who don't know, Eliza was written way back in 1966 at MIT by Joseph Weizenbaum. It's not really true AI — it doesn't actually understand anything, it's simply a chatterbot that parses text and spits it back out, along with a set of pre-made responses.

BBQ shirts are GO!

Just got back from seeing the BBQ shirt test print — it looks awesome (thanks again Jay)!!! Seriously, this has got to be the nicest BBQ shirt yet, I'm really thrilled with it. Here are two pictures of it — remember also, that front print is done with glow in the dark ink!

Some time either later today or early tomorrow I'll be doing a mailout (IM broadcast actually) to everyone on the BBQ RSVP list giving all the special details about the pornorama, the eating contest, the mud-wrestling, and all that. So if you're coming, make sure you're on the list.