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I'm off now to get a drink (coffee coffee coffee) and pick up a 1/4″ to 1/8″ jack so I can edit the rest of this video without disturbing everyone else. I should also put in the order for a satellite today so I can find me a ufo and get the fuck out of here.

On the homefront, it seems that the US is considering adding torture to its roster, or at least isn't ruling it out — (“Beating. Asphyxiation. Electrocution. Starvation. Sexual violation.”, on ABCnews). Along those lines, my favorite online comic has been updated:

Now let me finish with a briefish funmail, can you feel the love?
fuck you stupid bitch

I'am sorry but your fucking 800 word count is stupid, there isnt 800 fucking words to describe a septum piercing!

As far as people [who support heavy mods] I could give a shit less. 90% are kids sitting in there room in the dark who have little expierence in the real world.

you all fucking suck

On something totally unrelated from what I normally write about, I see that Dell is selling Windows-free PCs (/.). Now, many people call this a victory for open source and the Linux community… Hate to break it to you, but it's not — it's a victory for piracy. I'm pretty sure most of those PCs will eventually have a Microsoft OS installed on them…

Update: Since there was some confusion, I don't think that this is wrong — I absolutely agree that people should not have to be forced to buy pieces they don't want to buy. I just think that people are deluding themselves if they think a machine sold with no OS installed is going to be a champion of open source.

Vegans, TOS, and Funmail

So I've been eating a “sloppy” vegan diet (sloppy in that I very occasionally eat meats or meat products rather that being totally strict) for the past probably three months or so. Since people tend to make assumptions as to others' motivations, here are the four reasons that I did this:

  1. It was the easiest way to achieve a reduced calorie diet.
  2. I want to eat in a way that I feel is both sustainable and equitable on a planetary level.
  3. I have serious concerns about the health safety of eating the produce of large-scale farms.
  4. I have serious concerns about the ethics of large-scale farms.

Anyway, yesterday I made the mistake of eating a panzerotto (a folded pizza) which had quite a bit of cheese in it. I've had quite unpleasant stomach pains now for the past twelve hours and expect I'll have to put up with them for some time longer still. Oh well, a lesson learned I suppose.

There have been a small handful of people angry at me for “playing god” because I deleted two people who chose to slag heavy mods (things like subincision) on their page, calling them “mutilation” and “butchery” and “sick shit” and things like that. If you don't like those mods, fine, they're not right for you personally. But attacking and ridiculing someone for their mods is not something that should ever happen on IAM. If you think that's appropriate, then you've come to the wrong place…

Plus that ignores the fact that it's the heavy mod and heavy play enthusiasts who by supporting BME/HARD and BME/extreme actually pay a significant percentage of the bills here, and allowing IAM to become a mod-unfriendly place would be extremely counterproductive… So… If you have a problem with subincision or other mods that make many people very happy, I would strongly encourage you to grow up and get over it.

Live and let live, remember!?

Of course, the response tends to be the immaturity confirming:

“I insults who I likes”

I think some of the problem is that people are coming to IAM now, not because they are readers of BME, but because they are being called to the site by people who have pages here. For example, I got this letter from someone who wrote a quite obviously fake navel experience (two paragraphs about what her friends looked like, then a whole paragraph about being strapped to the bed, and then one about getting involuntarily navel pierced), ignoring issues like spelling “key words” wrong.
All I wanted to do was see someone's page. she told me about the site and everything and as a matter of fact I am uninterested in becoming a member right now because of the bullshit people wrote about my story, it was harsher than harsh, so thankyou very much bme. another thing is, is that i know that my story was a fuck more exciting than those other fucking boring stories that only talk about the actual piercing, and the fucking aftercare-HOW LAME AND BORING. where my story, was a fucking story and a damn good experience as well. I wasn't even interested in becoming a member to this site, so i whipped up the most exciting navel piercing and because it wasn't profesionally done i'm gonna get some fucked up criticism, and because I spell one word wrong gage, that's just the biggest fucking deal in the world right? wow just kill me and kill your fucking site.

The “extremely harse” comments weren't actually harsh at all on this story. People basically said, either submit this as fiction, or write about the relevant parts. There was not a single out of line comment left. Anyway, the “all I wanted to do was see someone's page” line is getting quite common.

Of course, there's also the people who write fake experiences; that is, they get half way through, and then just write “la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la” to make up the wordcount. You'd think that after being rejected they'd realize, oh yeah, I guess there was no way that could be put on the site… But no! They all get supermad!

fuck you stupid cock suckers in your ears!! You are the dumb motherfuckers
that expect
people to write 800 words! Fuck that tribalectic is the best site you guys
blow monkeys
cocks all night

(Ah, the prototypical tribalectic reader!)

Finally, there was one last thing I wanted to talk about. Yesterday someone said in the Whatever Forum that they thought star tattoos were getting lame — becoming “the new Taz” or “the new tribal armband” — because they are so common. Since a few people took my “check your scene at the door” statements the wrong way, I wanted to make something very clear:

I think star tattoos are great. I think they look good, I think they're a solid simple design, they've very easy to integrate into followup work, and I think they will stand the test of time. In addition, what does it matter if a zillion people agree? One could argue that's a good thing!

Tattoos are for you.

If a tattoo makes a person happy, then it's a good tattoo. That's all there is to it. It doesn't matter if one person has the design or if a million people do — tattoos are personal, so that's irrelevant. I certainly hope people aren't getting tattoos so they can feel superior and that somehow others getting similar work takes away from that.

Anyway, I have work to do…


The BBQ was awesome. I'd say it was about 75 people, all super-nice (when the BBQ's get huge sometimes some annoying people come, but I'd say everyone at this one was really cool and friendly). We didn't do suspensions this time so we had to amuse ourselves in other ways; Phil set up an outdoor photo booth so later this week there will be lots of nice pictures, and then the evening devolved into a live porn show — hot girl on girl action with Percocet-shriveled impotent guy action subtitling it (I'm actually not kidding or even exaggerating — if anything I'm downplaying it)… and all shot on 16:9 widescreen frame mode, ready for edit to DVD!

I'm doing an image update tomorrow most likely, so if you are able to send in any digital shots you took either later today or early tomorrow, I'll try and get them in the update (upload them via the IAM interface, this will act as continued testing of it's worth).

Now to sober up, get cleaned up, wake up, and get ready for an afternoon of suspensions.

Truth or conspiracy?

If you really want to mess with your head, let me recommend that you get high and read The New Order of Man's History. It offers very convincing and well documented evidence that we reached at least our current level of technology 50,000+ years ago and were then knocked back into pre-history by a major asteroid strike just over 10,000 years ago.

To simplify, 150,000 years ago when homo sapiens sapiens is first recognized, they were stronger and smarter than we are now (according to fossil record). Neanderthal man was close to the same, but his cultural/social evolution was stale… Let's look at a quick timeline:

  • 50,000 years ago – Man settles Australia.
  • 40,000-10,500 years ago – Man settles Europe and wipes out his competition, the Neanderthal.
  • 20,000-10,500 years ago – First South America and then North America is settled via a seafaring civilization. (The land bridge theory is false for a zillion reasons including population movement patterns and artifacts, a lack of blood match, not to mention the fact that the “land bridge” would have been covered in five thousand miles of impenetrable ice).
  • 10,500 years ago – A 6.5km asteroid strikes the earth (geologically confirmed), ending the ice age and covering the earth in tsunamis, volcanoes, earth quakes, flaming gasses and fire, as well as damaging the ionosphere and ozone layer. Over half of the earth's large species are wiped out.
  • 10,500-6,500 years ago – The earth's temperature rises dramatically and the oceans rise four hundred feed, moving the coastlines 250 miles inland, submerging all traces of any human cities beneath the oceans.
  • 5,000 years ago – Civilizations arise again. All subsequent civilizations tell of a great civilization destroyed by a flood.

Anyway, if that got you interested, get the book, it covers a lot more and documents it thoroughly. I found it far more readable (in a “can you take it seriously” sort of way) than most of the books that delve into alternate Egyptology, lost civilizations, and Atlantis.

PS. Along that line, there's life on Mars (ignore the cosmiverse URL ).

Complain much?

OK, enough people insisted that conches should be added to the shirt design (for those of you who were at the last BBQ, you may well have the sticker that has them on it), so I drew one up. If you feel strongly that one is better than the other, let your voice be heard in the BMEshop forum.