BBQ time!

It's BBQ time today!

To me, this reads like a copy-cat, but you never know. Maybe there is a new fleet of terrorists getting ready to attack. Although I strongly doubt it. Now that the US has been more and more vocally announcing November 30th as the date Iraq is being attacked (odd posturing, announcing the date and plans so often), it would make sense for them to launch the attacks after that, when they have the support of the entire Middle East (with the exception of Israel of course) as well as much more of the world's Islamic population.

Of course, there are three forces at play here. First is of course the defense sector who has been losing money lately and needs this war financially. Then there is the “illuminati sector” that wants this war to eat away at the middle class by destroying the economy. Then of course, there's the oil sector who wants access to the Bin Umar oil field in Iraq. Problem is, Zarubezhneft, a Russian company, has just been given access and drilling is beginning near Kirkuk. If the Americans don't invade by November 30th, that project will be well enough under way that it will be Soviet corporations that dominate Iraqi drilling once sanctions are lifted, not American corporations.

This is a corporate war.

By supporting it, you support innocent people being murdered in order to make very wealthy people wealthier. Not only that, but by supporting this war, you support siphoning money off the middle class and bringing it up to the upper end of the upper class. Remember, almost all of us on IAM live in democracies — government by the people for the people — if your government takes part in this, and you haven't registered your objection with your representative or taken other actions to voice your opinion, you have supported this war in your silence.

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