I think a good job was done by all having a blow-out final Toronto BBQ, at least as far as this place is concerned. I'm guessing it was about 120 people in all (it's so hard to tell — it may have been more). We shot a full five hours of widescreen DV footage, so as soon as I can I'll be editing that down.

The festivities included:

  • The drinking of over two pounds of sugar (followed by the subsequent vomiting of that sugar)
  • The drinking of several bottles of hotsauce (followed by the subsequent vomiting of that hotsause, followed by the eating of that vomit)
  • Tons of portraits taken by Phil in the basement
  • Having to chase away a “mockumentary” film crew sent to shoot by a crazy ex-girlfriend
  • About a dozen (very hot) people in the pornorama room
  • Some wild swinging from the tower followed by a very bloody forehead pull

…and a LOT more!

Anyway, I had an awesome time — thank you to everyone who came, you made a great party! I can't wait to see everyone's pictures, so if you post them, please drop me a line (via the Whatever forum) That's about all I have the energy to write right now, I'm still pretty wiped out. Here are four pictures from the BBQ, and I'll go clear my harddrive on the other machine now to make room to capture this footage for editing.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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