Well that sucks!

Just spent the last hour outside with the neighbors and with some really bitchy lawyers. Apparently when these houses were built, they were built on the right-of-way as well as on their own legal land. Now finally a contract has been landed for the empty lot — they went to the city and said, “we want to build sixty townhomes.”

“We can't give you a permit to build sixty,” the city said. “We can however give you a permit to build eighty.”

To build eighty townhomes they had to compact them together and push the designs right out to the edge of the lot. As such, the edge comes about six feet past the concrete wall that currently serves as divider, and about three feet away from the buildings here. And today they tell me they're building a concrete wall along that line.

The end result of that is that no cars can be parked anywhere here. They all have to be moved elsewhere in the next couple of hours. Not only that, but all the neighbors' garages must be demolished, including the concrete one on the corner, since it sits on right-of-way land.


Porsche: Ryan can take it for now.
Van: Dave can take it.
Audi: Has to go back to the dealership anyway.
Corvette: Park in a nearby lot I guess.

That said, I might stop them from building the fence. I suspect that if I call the police when they start building that it'll at least stall it for a week or two, by which point I'll be gone anyway. I'm not convinced that it's legal for them to blockade me in with only about three hours notice when I've been parking here for five years.

PS. This doesn't affect the BBQ in any way.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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