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My plan for today:

  • Try and do an image update, at least a small one, to test the upload procedures over the satellite. My first test is going to be simply zipping up the entire update and uploading from here (that should deal with most of the latency issues) and then uncompressing it on the server.
  • Work on the Scrapbook some more (on that note, check out the awesome photos newaddict just posted of both the Dallas and Toronto BBQs).
  • Go down to CJLX-FM, the local community/campus/alternative station and see what it takes to get a show.

Josh posted this a few days ago but I felt it should be mentioned again: Woman nearly dies of papercut — a good story to reference any time you need to “defend” the safety of piercing and people bring up far-out medical possibilities (like brain infections).

In the less fun news, the US has apparently identified about 80,000 terrorists worldwide, with two thousand more being added every month. Now, if that is a true number, the US population is, well, fucked. If (assuming we believe the “official story”) and 25 or so people can, given some money, organize attacks on the scale of 9/11, think what 80,000 psychos can do. The obvious response of course is that these people are not in fact terrorists.

And if they are, it's not like they can be stopped. Osama bin Laden has absolutely disappeared (and may or not be dead, point is no one has any idea) — and mention of him has all but disappeared from the media — “Whosama” or “bin Forgotten” seem to be his new media monikers. It's not like they ever caught the Anthrax killers either — if you remember, they hung Hatfill out to dry but he seems to have successfully shown himself not guilty.

In any case, who needs the war on terror when you've got the Zionist war (I should warn people that link will upset and inflame many people; unfortunately most sites on the subject are of a “conspiracy theory” nature). After all, that's what this really is about — and has been from day one — and it's become painfully clear that Americans have very little control over their country. What is clear is that what parts of the country aren't run my extranational megacorporations (oil companies, defense contractors, etc.) is controlled by the Israeli lobby.

"If you think the Shias in Lebanon are capable of fantastic acts of suicidal terrorism, the Jewish underground will strike targets that will make Americans gasp: 'How could Jews do such things?'... [My allies are] desperate people [who] don't care if they live or die."

Victor Vancier, Jewish Defence League

Anyway, although it's looking like the US may not get its way now on the “regime change” demands thanks to Saddam Hussein's capitulation on the inspector's demands, check out this article on the thug list that Bush can pick from… Do you want General Nizar Al-Khazraji, the man who poisoned and burned 5000 Kurdish civilians (under US command), and is now a friend of the US? Or maybe Brigadier-General Najib Al-Salihi, commander of the Republican Guard, key player in the Kuwait invasion, and the person who successfully made homeless 1.5 million people during the uprising at the end of the Gulf War (and now a US, well, CIA, buddy)? Or maybe Ahmad Al-Chalabi, who embezzled millions in Jordon and then went on, with the assistance of the CIA, to set up and embezzle millions more from various organizations, and a US buddy?

Well, at least the Vatican is taking a stand against the attack on Iraq… Of course, they're not fools, and they realize that in this chess game of religious domination, that it's not in their best interests to continue strengthening the Israeli cause, since once the Muslims are eliminated from the region that they all consider holy, the Christians will be next.

Well, there hasn't been much action in the forum in the last few days. Maybe this'll spice things up.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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