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Click here to see a truly horrific piece of propaganda. Seriously, this is one of the more messed up things I've seen in a while… I don't know… I played with GI Joes occasionally when I was a kid, but back then they were cartoon characters and I'm not convinced their relationship with reality was very direct — I'd say they were more likely to make me gay than violent — but what does this glorify?

Let's see, other than that, the UN weapons inspectors are warning that Israel will quite likely be using its nuclear weaponry on Iraq if this war continues. I wonder… If you have the right nuclear strike, could you somehow ignite the oilfields and just blow up the entire middle east in one strike? Probably not, but it's a scary thought. Let's look for some words of wisdom to calm us down.

"I can't distinguish between [Iraq and al-Qaida] because they're both both equally as bad, and equally as evil and destructive."

Note: Absolutely no evidence linking Iraq with al-Qaida has ever been shown, nor is there any relation in their activities, nor is there any evidence that Iraq is a threat to the US population in any way.

"[People who support a policy of war] are not interested in the security of the American people."

"Before Congress blinks again, rubber-stamping one of the few wars in our country's history in which we've fired the first shot, the members should visit the Vietnam Memorial and read every name aloud on that black wall before blindly accepting their party machines' go-along-to-get-along directives."

Col. David Hackworth
(one of America's most decorated soldiers)

"The US is a very special country in that when we maintain this position of military strength that we have now, we do it in support of a balance of power that favors freedom."

Read the article if you want, but Rice goes on to say that the US will never allow another nation to reach its level of military might, because only the United States is able to understand and protect freedom (according to them). Hello terrorism, goodbye American people. The US represents only a very small percentage of the world's population and wealth, as much as it may be the current most powerful single country. This level of “us against them” — effectively telling Europe that it's next — is just another nail in its coffin.

Well, I'm off to the big city shortly. Should be fun!

Since I'm sure some people are wondering why I'm allowed to use someone else's images here, it's called “fair dealing” (or for Americans, “fair use”). Basically, the fair dealing exemption allows one to make news commentary (along with things like parody, research and education, and so on). It's why you can use a CD cover scan in a record review, but not as a background image.

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