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Let's up the ante!

Turns out I have some space left over on the DVD, so I've added a few of the older VCD encoded movies as bonus clips. They've been re-rendered as slightly scaled down framed clips on a black widescreen background (so you don't have to change settings half-way through on your TV). I've included the videos from July 1, September 2, October 28, and December 31 in 2001, as well as May 21 and July 1 from this year… So it's become a fairly complete document!

Anyway, here's the new menu… I know it's gotten a bit chaotic, but hey, it's better than not having the extra clips, right?

Weekend Update

Well, I haven't written anything about the news in a little while so I guess I'll do that this morning. The big news of the week is probably the leak of Rumsfield's notes from 9/11. As in the notes actually taken on meetings from Sepember 11th, 2001 — they basically come right out and say “awesome, let's use this as an excuse to bomb anyone we want to.”

"Best info fast. Judge whether good enough hit S.H. [Saddam Hussein] at same time. Not only UBL [Osama bin Laden]. Go massive. Sweep it all up. Things related and not."

Not that the average American cares. As long as the dictatorship keeps a little bit of food on the tables, people will tolerate shocking levels of tyranny and evil. The other interesting news as far as revisionism goes is that even though it's been public knowledge for a long time that pretty much every intelligence agency on the planet was warning the US about the details of the attack, now we know that even the Taliban warned the US. Of course, even though now we know it was Britain that acted as the key fundraising and logistical hub of al-Qaida, it's not as if we were bombing weddings in London.

The other big news is more on the fact that the US army will lose the war if it attacks Iraq. Let me quickly run down how the wargames this summer went (click that link for the full version):

In the first few days of the exercise, using surprise and unorthodox tactics, the wily 64-year-old Vietnam veteran [Lieutenant General Paul Van Riper playing Saddam Hussein] sank most of the US expeditionary fleet in the Persian Gulf, bringing the US assault to a halt... [The Pentagon] ordered their dead troops back to life and "refloated" the sunken fleet. Then they instructed the enemy forces to look the other way as their marines performed amphibious landings. Eventually, Van Riper got so fed up with all this cheating that he refused to play any more.

Just so you know, Saddam Hussein isn't going to look the other way. Yeah, we can probably make up some lies and fire up the propaganda machines and probably convince the public — and maybe even the international community — that it's the right thing to do. But the fact is that it's not going to solve any problems in the region, it's going to make America very unpopular and even more of a terror target, and it's going to kill an awful lot of citizens both in America and in the middle east. This latest bombing in Iraq has already jacked US oil prices to the highest they've been since September 11th, and the US is talking about instituting a “war tax” to make up for it. Yeah, they say it's going to be the rich who get taxed more, but when has that ever happened, and when has a war tax ever gone away after a war?

It's almost a year since this all started — at least in the mind of the average person (it's of course a much longer story than just a year) — let's do what we can to make sure that the atrocities of September 11th, and the even worse atrocities that have followed in the year since, do not repeat themselves.


Nikki (I'm sorry, I don't know her current IAM name, she used to be cliffhanger14) just did a knee suspension here in the back yard, orchestrated by Phil who did an awesome job running it. It went really well, and I'm guessing she was up for about half an hour, if not more — it's so hard to gauge that sort of thing. Anyway, it went really well.

Here's a good funmail I got from a reader in Florida:

Subject: My IP address

That is my IP address

Block me from your fucking IAM shit.
Fuck you without taking offence. This is not about you Shannon. Block me or will damage my computer and keep the person who goes to your site all the time from going on.


Now, if I'm reading that right, he's jealous because his roommate (girlfriend?) is spending too much time on IAM, and is sending me the following threat: “if you don't block my computer from viewing IAM, I will break my computer!”


I've been accused of running a money-grubbing cult a lot lately. It really cracks me up when people accuse BME of being a money-making scam. Honestly, if you believe that BME is a money making machine, then feel free to try and take over the market and get in on the “big money”. Porn makes money, and BME/HARD does bring in much of the profits required to pay for the rest of it. If I ran only BME/HARD, I could be a decently profitable business — but I'm not. That said, running free sites with no advertising does not. (Duh).


First, thanks to newaddict who helped clear out the porn-o-rama room earlier today! By Sunday it's going to be a real nice chill-out room with a couple couches and such… Just for fun — the footage will be used for the BBQ video (unless something quite remarkable happens).

I'm getting the prizes together for the “I Bet You Will“-style game. So far I have the Raynutz shirts (see below), a couple of JMEAT+FRNX DVDs (JMEAT is a video of various urethral play and subincision procedures, and FRNX is a guy/guy sounding video which also includes footage of a man's stretched frenum being sexually penetrated by another man), a widescreen DVD of the last BBQ, a couple DVDs of older BBQ footage, some of the ORIGINAL stickers (the round silver ones), some packs of trading cards, and some IAM music CDs.

Now I said I would tell more about the right-of-way fight. It's looking like it's going to blow out into a huge lawsuit. We just found out that the city hasn't actually given these people any approval to build townhouses, and they're just trying to sell the land instead. It turns out that the corner garage which is the crux of the problem (as it's built six feet onto their property) was built nearly a hundred years ago (it's been rebuilt of course, it was originally wood).

That garage was built before the now levelled warehouse. When the warehouse was built in the 1930s, they left the right-of-way as it is now. Not only that, but it was the owners of that lot who originally defined the size of the right of way when they put up the parking pylons something like twenty years ago. It's only the greedy folks who are now trying to cash-in who are attempting to do an illegal land grab. So who knows… It's not my problem any more.

Here are some more pictures — you can see that they went into my neighbor's garage (trespassing I guess) and spray painted their property line on the wall (yes, they're ten years old). You can also see where they knocked down the hippies' fence and sprayed their garden. Kooky stuff.

I was having a conversation with my sister — and I'll speak about this more at length in the future — about the value of (biological) family. My feeling is that too often people say “oh, but they're family” and use that as a pitiful excuse to hang out with people they don't really get along with, or worse, allow their children to come in contact with people they shouldn't be with.

How much abuse (mental, physical, sexual, and even political) has the world seen because people chose to leave children with family members who are unsuitable? More importantly perhaps, how much abuse has been covered up? My feeling is the somewhat Dr. Laura-esque “kick 'em to the curb” — we should feel no false loyalty to family, and should feel no obligation to hang out with them or allow them to see your children.

We're not a pack of dogs. Humans exist outside the food chain, and can exist outside of primitive tribal mentality. When I say outside, I don't mean that we don't need that. I mean that we can choose our families. If our biological families cause us harm, we don't have to keep putting ourself in that harms way. I don't know, maybe I'm crazy, but the people I know now — many of you — are more family in my mind than anything else.

PS. Don't forget, you can get Texas BBQ shirts on Allen's page! He needs to sell them so he can host another big one…

Raynutz, where are you?

OK, so I've been trying to get together some cool prizes for the “BME I bet you will” game at the BBQ — not that people need prizes to do gross and naughty things, but it does make it more fun. Anyway, I've just confirmed that we will have ten super-rare one-time printing RAYNUTZ shirts as giveaways.

You can only get one by taking part in the game, which starts at about 6 PM on Sunday. Anyway, here's the shirt — it's a light cyan print centred on a black t-shirt. Hope you win one!