Monthly Archives: September 2002

Back online

So I'm back online, downloading almost 2000 emails over the slickster satellite connection. My only complaint about it right now is that they try and force you to have a modem to set it up — I mean, isn't this a system designed for off-grid use? It seems to me that's one of its primary purposes… In any case, we managed to copy the setup files from Rachel's computer and things seem to be working well. Now to hope that I don't immediately punch past all their quotas.

The big news of course is the baby's arrival — Sidney Anne Worden born September 19th at 5:43 PM, weighing 8 pounds four ounces and being 20 and a half inches long! And, as you can see, lots of hair!

Time to unplug

Packing up of the final truck starts shortly — it's currently parked out front. If anyone of the regular helpers is available, the packing is at 2PM and help is certainly appreciated. I'll be offline since I'm packing the computer now, so feel free to give me a call or just stop by at two.

Let's hope I've written down all the info I need that's on this machine!


Shortly I leave to go get the moving truck and I'll pack up everything that's left here. I did want to mention one link — this great interview with Scott Ritter where he shows how Cheney is lying and debunks many of the myths about Iraq's weapons program. Anyway, other than that I'm just working on the scrapbook — there sure are a lot of ModProm images! (This is only a few of them):

The draft is coming back!

H.R. 3598

There is presently in Congress a bill pending that would require military conscription. H.R. 3598, entitled "Universal Military and Training Act of 2001," was introduced into the House of Representatives on December 20th, 2001 by Republican Rep. Nick Smith of Michigan. It calls for the drafting of all able-bodied men between the ages of 18 and 22 for military service. Even those who would declare themselves conscientious objectors would be drafted and given military training, whereupon they would be peeled off to another Federal agency to serve out their term.

The last set of photos…

…additional info two entries down…