Don't do what we ask!

It's funny — first everyone demands that weapons inspectors go into Iraq. America says, “If you don't let inspectors in, we'll invade.” But, now that Iraq has unconditionally surrendered to inspections, the US has said that not only are they still attacking, but they will block any weapons inspections from happening — after all, when the inspections happen, they will show that the US is effectively attacking an unarmed foe. Considering that Congress has now estimated the bill for the attacks at $300 billion, that means the average taxpayer is going to have to commit to something like $2000 in additional debt, just to make a bunch of evil men a little richer (so they have to keep the general population scared).

Osama bin Laden has won the war. He has absolutely destabilized the US economy, he has demoralized the American people to the point where they will give up every liberty their country was founded on, he has radicalized the Muslim population, he has shown the world that the US is a rogue state, and now he's tricked us into attacking one of his enemies — Saddam Hussein. Not that any of it matters; we're sitting on the edge of an iceage right now. More and more respected climatologists are starting to warn that we may see dramatic climate change within the next ten years. Not 40,000 years. TEN years.

Do I need to move to Mexico?

American presidents have always lied in order to start wars. Since the civil war, the US has never started an ethical war. Honestly, it's essential that you look over this article. If you read any of the links today, read this one. I know it's hard to remember last year, but how can you not feel like we're living in a “perpetual war for perpetual peace” world right now — are we at war with Eurasia this year, or is it with Eastasia? Fuck it, I'm moving to Pluto. (In all seriousness, if mankind has a future, that future is in space).

And now it's time to get back to work on the scrapbook. It's starting to beef up nicely. Speaking of beef, Rachel picked up some fake ground beef for me yesterday so I think I get to have tacos today, something I most definitely miss not eating meat.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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