Monthly Archives: October 2002

Go Franko!

Still working on the scrapbook — if you want to send in pictures, you can still send them to — there's about a week or so left before I'm cutting things off. The 384 pages are currently completely full, so I'm debating right now whether it's better to squeeze more and more in, or if I should lengthen it (I'm squeezing right now)… Other than that I'm listening to Pranzo Oltranzista by Mike Patton. If you're a John Zorn-type jazz fan, I highly recommend this album.

Anyway, I got the following mail that I figured Franko Derb should handle:

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:02:08 +0200 (MEST)
Subject: (no subject)

Now, considering that this person was so stupid that they didn't even take Ryan's logo off the bottom, they get my stock response from Franko:

Great pictures, now your full membership will be on its way as soon as you answer this skill testing question (sorry, it's required by law to make sure you are mature enough for the content of the site):

“Monday and Tuesday have two, Wednesday and Thursday have one, Friday has six and Saturday and Sunday have none, what is it?”

I have set your username to “guest3942”.
Your password is the answer to this riddle.

Enjoy the site,

Department of Truth

Not long afterwards, I (well, Franko) got a reply:

hi franko
seems to be a stupid riddle, I have no idea about the solution. come on give me a little

OK, so maybe Franko will cut him some slack, right? (Not likely). After all, he worked so hard sending in that ripped off photo. So here was Franko's response (I'll let you know if he replies):

OK, I'm not really supposed to do this, but you're far away so I doubt we'll get in trouble for this. The answer is a series of three rhyming numbers. The central number is in French (Canada is bilingual so we are by law required to test in both languages).

Department of Confusion

Photo time

I realized I haven't even put up any photos of where we're living nowadays. Some of you have seen it of course, but Rachel and I went out this morning to play in the creek (Lost Channel), so I took some pictures:

Leeta playing in Rob's yard

Looking east down Lost Channel

Rachel is trying to attract attention away from my fine truck by making faces

Trees on the bank of Lost Channel

On the shore of Lost Channel (not sure if shore is the right word, it's only about five feet deep)

I can't believe I focussed this properly

The truck in its natural environment

Looking northwest across Lost Channel

Rob's front yard

My workspace

Rocket fuel (from Badur) — Ginseng marinated in vodka for a year (earthy tasting)

My enormous electronic cock spurting data at the stars

Well then…

I didn't really want to get to work quite this early, but I was woken up by a dog that wouldn't stop farting incredibly loudly. Seriously. I was actually woken up by it and kept it as it was so bad. So I'm working on the scrapbook some more. It's starting to come together really nicely:

the Tower

I am posting this entry in order to make the iWasCured members involved cry. This is the “tower raising” page of the book…


The update is finally in place. Other than that I'm working on the scrapbook all weekend long — Rob just handed me a CD of photos dating back to the first big New Year's party (December 31, 2000!). Does anyone remember who was blowing fire with Orbax that day?

Update: Oops! That's actually Ashley/twwlwyth in the background, and it's Jonny Rocket helping blowing fire with Orbax…