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So I'm driving back from picking up DVD-R's from Ryan and I pass a cop going the other way. Big surprise, even thought I'm totally within the law, he does a u-turn, flips on his cherries, and I pull over. As you can tell, I'm having a bad day and I'm already angry. He comes up to the window, opens his mouth, but before he can say anything I loudly interrupt, “TELL ME WHY YOU PULLED ME OVER”. “You seemed to be going awefully fast.”

“I wasn't speeding. This is a $150,000 Porsche. It probably always looks fast to you.”

“You went around that corner really fast.”

“I went around that corner at 80. Again, it's a Porsche. I don't have to slow down for corners if I don't feel like it.”

“You really looked like you were going fast.”

“Look, I told you how fast I was going. Either show me the radar reading or let me leave.”

“I didn't get you on the radar… I was just saying you looked kind of fast…
Give me your license, ownership, and insurance.”

Now, I had the ownership, but my license is incomplete, and I have no insurance paperwork. The post office refused to deliver them, even though I had the complete and correct address information — they said “we need to know who's having an affair with who” or some other stupid excuse for what they did. Anyway, I handed him what I had and told him that if didn't like it, he could take it up with the post office which seemed more concerned with small-town gossip than they did with delivering the mail.

He complained that I hadn't signed something or other on my license. “That's a $110 ticket,” he said to me.

“Do what you have to do.”

So then, like always, he took my paperwork to his car and ran me through the computer. A few minutes later he returned — presumably after guessing at my financial status from the list of cars that show up under my name (keep in mind I look like some dirtbag that stole the Porsche — I wasn't even wearing shoes). Anyway, he apologized profusely and tried to make smalltalk. I asked him if we were done, and then tore off, making sure to keep the engine at high RPMs.

Fuck any cop that pulls me over because he thinks the car I'm in is too good for me.


(I'm referring to my bandwidth here, not site bandwidth.)

As you know, I'm on two-way satellite. That's my only option for reasonably priced ($180/month) highspeed access here. Which means that I get between 300 and 2000 kpbs downstream (which is fine), between 5 and 30 kbps upstream, and a second or so of latency (both of which are unacceptable). In addition, it regularly freezes for 5+ seconds, drops connections, and of course blacks out totally during heavy weather.

I called the various providers to see what it would cost me to just run in a dedicated line. Single ISDN costs $550 a month here, and a 256kbps line costs $2300 a month, and it ramps up from there depending on how much bandwidth you use. Getting this same speed connection in the city costs only about $50, or $500 if you want a 1mbps dedicated unmetered line.

I am unable to properly do development on my current connection. That's why the TOS software is lagging behind, and it's why I haven't fixed a couple of very obvious (and very easy to deal with) bugs. It's really driving me crazy. My work schedule is set up in a way that expects that all my peripheral tasks operate at maximum efficiency, so I'm putting in three hours of work to get half an hour of work done and am falling hopelessly behind.

This leaves me with four options as I see it:

  1. Retire from computers and stop running/maintaining IAM and BME. BME could be scaled back a little, but IAM would have to be shut down. This option is unacceptable, so don't worry.
  2. Set up a city office and commute. I know the way I am, and I know that if I did this, the work would become miserable and I would find any excuse to not do it any more.
  3. Bite the bullet and run the two thousand dollar a month lines into a country home.
  4. Move back to the city (which at this point, selfishly, I really don't want to do) and go back to working like crazy with the full support structures I need to do so.

I don't particularly like any of these options. I really don't want to move back at this point, but unless I'm overlooking something totally obvious, I don't see that I have much of a choice. So I think I'm going to take the next three or four years, work like a mercenary, and try and squirrel away as much as I can and take it from there. I have some commercial projects on the side that I can probably generate a few million off of if I play things right, and then I can just walk away (and by that point, IAM will be fully self sufficient so there'd be no fears there).

Don't do what we ask!

It's funny — first everyone demands that weapons inspectors go into Iraq. America says, “If you don't let inspectors in, we'll invade.” But, now that Iraq has unconditionally surrendered to inspections, the US has said that not only are they still attacking, but they will block any weapons inspections from happening — after all, when the inspections happen, they will show that the US is effectively attacking an unarmed foe. Considering that Congress has now estimated the bill for the attacks at $300 billion, that means the average taxpayer is going to have to commit to something like $2000 in additional debt, just to make a bunch of evil men a little richer (so they have to keep the general population scared).

Osama bin Laden has won the war. He has absolutely destabilized the US economy, he has demoralized the American people to the point where they will give up every liberty their country was founded on, he has radicalized the Muslim population, he has shown the world that the US is a rogue state, and now he's tricked us into attacking one of his enemies — Saddam Hussein. Not that any of it matters; we're sitting on the edge of an iceage right now. More and more respected climatologists are starting to warn that we may see dramatic climate change within the next ten years. Not 40,000 years. TEN years.

Do I need to move to Mexico?

American presidents have always lied in order to start wars. Since the civil war, the US has never started an ethical war. Honestly, it's essential that you look over this article. If you read any of the links today, read this one. I know it's hard to remember last year, but how can you not feel like we're living in a “perpetual war for perpetual peace” world right now — are we at war with Eurasia this year, or is it with Eastasia? Fuck it, I'm moving to Pluto. (In all seriousness, if mankind has a future, that future is in space).

And now it's time to get back to work on the scrapbook. It's starting to beef up nicely. Speaking of beef, Rachel picked up some fake ground beef for me yesterday so I think I get to have tacos today, something I most definitely miss not eating meat.


Going through scrapbook stuff still… I'm coming across so many awesome photos, but you have to admit that this one just screams out cool. I don't know what it is — ok, it's probably the mustache — but I really like this photo.

The hard part is picking the cover. Part of me thinks that Steve, naked (nothing's showing though, it's “polite”) and riding an inflatable dolphin would make a good cover, assuming I can get a nice resolution scan of it.

Work it to the bone

I've been diligently working on the scrapbook all day — I have to admit though that it's more work than I figured (there are about 300 still unprocessed emails in that folder). I've only done 120 or so page books in the past… This beast is almost 400 pages, and it's actually going to be hard to cram it all in. It's got a real weird Subgenius-like quality to it too… Very surreal. I have no idea if it's going to all be one big in joke that we will get a kick out of, or if it's a legit historical record. It's certainly fun either way.

Note that the screenshots above show some uncompleted pages as well as a few completed ones. I should mention that if you want to be in the scrapbook, you still have about two and a half weeks to send in photos and/or text. Submissions should be emailed to The deadline has not yet passed! All languages and subject matter are welcome. Thanks!