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Gimme a poll…

I took this from Lullay's page, but I added a few things to it (I hope that's ok):

——————START NOW——————
* Starting Time: 12:09 am (Hey, I was doing other stuff too!)
* Nicknames: None (online I go by glider, but it's rare for me to go by anything but “Shannon” IRL)
* School: York University (BFa/Visual Arts program), University of Toronto (BSc/Artifical Intelligence program)
* Graduated? I left highschool with a 96% Grade 13/OAC average, but left both universities before completing my degrees.
* Colour of eyes: Blue/green
* Colour of hair as a child: Very light blonde
* Height: 6'2″
* Is your weight more or less than it was a year ago: Significantly less.
* Shoe Size: 12
* Brothers/Sisters: Younger brother and sister and two older half-sisters.
* Who lives with you: Rob, Jon, Jason, and of course Rachel
* Where have you lived (including extended stays with family/friends where you could call it “your house”)? Victoria, BC; Red Deer, AB; Big Island, ON; Miramichi, NB; LaHave, NS; Piladelphia, PA; Leil, Germany; Wapoos, ON; Toronto, ON; Tweed, ON.
* Parent's political stance: Mother: Leftist/socialist. Father: Pink Libertarian?
* When is your bedtime? When in Tweed, by midnight. When in Toronto, by about 3AM usually.
* When do you get up? When in Tweed, between 6 AM and 7 AM usually. When in Toronto, around 9AM usually.

——————HAVE YOU EVER——————
* Been so drunk you blacked out? Passed out? No. Didn't remember clearly what happened? All the time.
* Quit a job? No, the only time I left a job was from moving out of the country.
* Been fired from a job? Never.
* Kept a secret from everyone (tell it now if you can)? Probably not… I tend to be pretty open.
* Had an imaginary friend? Do stuffed animals count? If so, yes. Otherwise, no.
* Wanted to hook up with a friend? Yeah (and generally I do if I want to).
* Cried during a Movie? Yes, or at least close to it. Gattaca tugs the heartstrings for me, as does Whale Music.
* Had a crush on a teacher? Nope.
* Cheated at school? I view “cheating” in the same way as James Tiberius Kirk does.
* Ever thought an animated character was hot? Nope. Furries neither.
* Had a New Kids on the Block tape? No, but I have seen MC Hammer live.
* Been on stage? Of course.
* Cut your own hair? I've only went to have my hair cut once in my entire life (so yes, definitely).
* Been in a band? I played bass in a GNR cover band, and did various projects with friends.
* Had a supernatural experience? Yes, but I believe that they have “natural” (that is, true and logical and verifyable) causes.
* Been institutionalized? Three times, all involuntary (and a long time ago) and unneeded. It's a large part of the reason I distrust the medical profession.
* Been sarcastic? I pity the person who never has been.

* Day/Night: I don't think I could like one without the other.
* Summer/Winter: I only don't like some of the transitional periods because they're hard on my joints.
* Lace, satin, or burlap: Burlap — it's carnal are real.
* Fave Cartoon Character: Ed the Happy Clown
* Fave Shampoo: I like mint and tea tree based products.
* Fave Soap: See above.
* Fave Colour: I like all colours. Seriously. It's important to me to be able to appreciate all things in their full depth and I believe that arbitrary favorites detract from that process.
* Fave Hairstyle: Long and interesting.
* Fave Language (other than your own, and say why): Inuktitut, because of the way it allows you to express abstract states of being.
* Fave Food: I have a sincere weakness for cheap tacos.
* Fave Advertisement: I don't watch ads any more; in fact, I barely watch TV.
* Fave Ice Cream: I don't eat ice cream.
* Fave Subject: Political homesteading, free expression rights, personal spiritual exploration.
* Fave Drink: Tea (all but Orange Pekoe).
* Fave Animal: Blue whales, because they are big and gentle and live in a world of sliding textural dreams.
* Fave Spice: Sage, Garlic, Ginger.

————-RIGHT NOW——————
* Wearing: Olive pants, one white sock and one black one, boxers with numbers on them, and an old TEAM BME shirt with bleach stains on it.
* Wallet/purse is made of: Leather (it was a gift ages ago).
* Hair is: Clean and growing.
* I'm feeling: Alive and awake.
* Eating: Rachel just made some amazing vegan breakfast burritos.
* Drinking: Tazo Chai tea (Thanks, Meg)
* Thinking: About class warfare (for an article I'm writing)
* Watching: The last TV show I watched was two hours of promos for the Jackass movie.
* Listening to (last three songs): Ordinary World (Duran Duran), Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man (Joan Baez), NoMeansNo (I'm an asshole).
* Sitting on: A cheap but comfortable high-back black office swivel chair.
* Talking to: This person
* Who in your family are you most compared to by others and why: Maternal grandfather, because he's considered a “dark and troubled artist and scientist”.
* Who in your family do you think you are most like and why: Father, because I look just like him and have followed his life path almost to the letter.
* Name three IAM members you respect, and why: Jason (because he keeps a level head in ethically/emotionally complicated situations), Ed (because he has courage), Blair (because he has restraint, ethics, and talent). I could go on with this list forever — there are so many people on IAM that I have deep respect for. This is a very impressive bunch of people.

Bowling Pix 1/2

This is the first entry of two with pictures from the BME Bowling Party in Toronto on October 26, 2002. Most of these photos were taken by Rachel. If they're of you, feel free to use them on the page or wherever!

Bowling Pix 2/2

This is the second entry of two with pictures from the BME Bowling Party in Toronto on October 26, 2002. Most of these photos were taken by Rachel (sorry, I don't know who took the others). If they're of you, feel free to use them on the page or wherever!

You have to admit…

…that this is one of the coolest tattoos you've ever seen. I hope he'll be adding himself to IAM shortly.

If anything, keebie will appreciate it…