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I thought this might interest some people; both Keith and I got it about two and a half years ago. As far as I know there has been no follow-up. We'd both been quoted in a little educational pamphlet on body piercing, and included in the pamphlet had been some relatively tamely worded information on the risks of piercing guns.

The ear piercing industry, particularly StudEx, has been getting more and more aggressive over time with the body piercing industry (which is “encroaching on its territory”). Since it's hard to produce hard scientific studies on the risks of ear piercing guns (yes, the risks are quite obvious to anyone, but can you prove it?) so the ear piercing industry figured out that all they have to do is start suing anyone that says anything bad about guns.

Those of you that review experiences probably also notice that there are quite regularly experiences submitted with titles like “ear piercing guns: not so bad” or “my great gunned lobe experience”. You'll also notice that in many of these experiences the writer will go to lengths to tell you what company made the gun, what model it was, and basically rattle off a brochure. I am basically 100% sure that these are false experiences submitted as advertisements (and that's not going to work, no matter how many times they do it).

Old pix

I'm scanning some old pix, in part for fun, and some of them for the scrapbook. I thought I'd share a few more of them here; I hope they're not too boring. Anyway:

Why is it that beer and BME shirts go together so often? (PS. Note the super old URL!)

First generation BME Jerseys (I think 50 or so were made). Me, Saira, and Michael.

Bryan and Mr. Blair when Byran came up to get his ears scalpelled.

Erik before he became The Lizardman.

A very old picture of Ashleigh (Halloween of course).

Azl (Etre Suspendu) doing a ball dance.


1. BME is updated with plenty of new experiences. As always, the best ones (picked by you) are marked with red stars.

2. IAM is updated with all the latest security patches and so on. Sorry for the couple reboots this morning, but that's part of the deal.

3. I seriously regret selling the car below. I miss most of my old cars, but the Manta is one of the funnest toys I've ever had… Dunno what I was thinking letting it go.


A big thank you to Shawn Porter for allowing me to use some of the history photos off his webpage for the introduction pages. This is far from the first bod mod club around, and I'm very happy to be able to publish a record of the fact that there is a bridge between all these communities.

Give Me A Break

I know that this picture is in the entry below too, but I wanted to say that I really like Ed's hat in the picture below, probably mostly because it perfectly matches his facial expression… That said, I really need a “Keep on Truckin'” shirt for so many reasons (althought Rob liked my “There's no fiction in crucifixion” shirt).

Just got this email from someone who'd had their experience rejected. They just had minor problems, so they were simply asked to make some changes and resubmit the experience:

What an entirely waste of time! No, I can't resubmit since I didn't keep a copy of what I submitted - maybe that's a piece of advice you should include to novice members. I didn't copy a single word and feel offended that some commenters thought I did. I found your site useful and it did persuade me to go ahead and get a hafada. But your system stinks.

The punch line of course is that not only were they told to save a copy on their own computer, but you actually can't even submit an experience without checking off a box that says “I have saved a copy of this experience in case I am asked to make changes”. Oh well… I'd have assumed that if someone's willing to go to the effort of writing 800+ words they'd also read the things they're checking off. But I assumed wrong (this is one of the most common complaints)…

Well, it could be worse. Most of the email I get — and you get too I imagine — starts with “Mom's sweetest girl fucked on film…In front of here entire class!” or “HURRY TODAY! Generic Viagra is now available to consumers! As low as $2.50 per dose PLUS a FREE Doctor's Consultation!” and things like that.