Monthly Archives: October 2002

Some family, all friends

Hope people like the new tracker thing, and I hope it's useful. It did a good job of keeping my mind off the pain today, so on a purely selfish level it was worth doing!

From left to right, here are the photos in the pictures. I'm going to see if I can remember everyone's real name. I shouldn't be that out of touch with reality that I can't do that (sorry they're such bad pix, that was with the JoyCam)…. Anyway: Joan, Steve, Michael, Julie, Jen, Ed, Greg, Jonny, Jason, Marty, Mari, Jake.

PS. I think those are from the May 20th BBQ.

Mind-numbing pain…

Last night I pinched a nerve in my right shoulder. I don't know exactly how, but since about 9 PM last night my entire right arm has been nothing but dull undulating ache… Incredibly painful — I could barely sleep, and I can barely think right now. I'm going to try and finish off this tracker module today, but please don't hold it against me if I'm not up to it… This is really very unpleasant, plus I have a pounding headache from all the glue I've been sniffing*.

First let me show you some photos:

badseeds at the CNE.

Shawn gets cut by Keith

Scott Fox and I at Xanadu (abandoned earthship-type home)

And now let me tell you about some conspiracies. First of all, to many it's looking like the “terror attacks” in Bali were in fact committed by the Indonesian Army — not a big surprise considering that they have a history of committing terror attacks on their own people whenever US corporations have asked for a favor.

Then there's the snipers. Remember the anthrax attacks, how eventually it was pretty conclusively shown that the attacks were done by government personnel, operating from inside a government lab? (And then it dropped out of the media?) Well, there's a lot of people starting to suggest that these snipers are also government operatives. This is paraphrased from that link, but they clearly cann do the following repeatedly:

  1. getting into position undetected
  2. maintaining cover
  3. taking the shot successfully
  4. getting away undetected

In general to do this, you have a team of snipers — and not just hunters or cops. These skills aren't taught on the firing range or in police academy. The team of snipers most definitely has military training, and its potential size implies government involvement, most likely US or Israeli judging by past actions.

Anyway, check out the posting if this general argument interests you. Please note that on this one I haven't confirmed/denied any of the statements in the article, so you should probably do so before you take it too seriously.

* The windows were just replaced in this house.

Next on the menu

When I get back to Toronto, I'll be asking Tom Brazda to do this piercing (is that the right word even?) on me. I've been talking about doing this in various forms for almost two years now, so there's no doubt that I'm “ready for it”.

Basically what I want to do is drop a very wide staple at the top of my forehead and heal a large flap there. Sort of a “third eye doorknocker”. The jewelry I've drawn is just retainer jewelry for the healing period, carved or folded out of Telfon or Titanium.

Please don't…

I'm not going to say who sent this because I'm sure it was sent with good intentions, but please do not send me images to post if they don't even come close to meeting the posted requirements… All it does is make my workday longer. I have perhaps an hour of recreational time a day, tops, so please don't take that away!

If the picture is so messed up that I can't even tell what it is, then it's not going to be any good to anyone on the site either. Even if you tell me what gallery to put it in, it would take away from the usefulness of that gallery… Again, sorry for posting the picture, but this is sort of important.


First of all, some people have been using JavaScript and iam.code to alter core parts of their page such as the IAM logo and IAM.alive links. Other people are changing their title bar to remove the tracker warning, and so on. You may think this is funny, but it is disruptive to IAM's usability, and I will deactivate permissions to use iam.code and javascript on those pages and then you won't be able to even have a tracker… You've been given some powerful tools here, so use them responsibly or not at all.

Well, I'll quickly implement those few changes I guess, thanks a lot, it's not like I didn't have too much to do already today (it's image update day).

Anyway, here are four pix from yesterdays looking through the old boxes:

Prepping for the most impressive truck pull I've ever seen.

Action painting with Scott Fox in high school.

An early product development Dave and I did: Internet via oldschool Nintendo.

It's one thing to live on easy street… imagine living on Prince Albert St.?