Monthly Archives: October 2002

Oldschool, real oldschool…

I found some blank space in the scrapbook, so I'm squeezing in some more stuff. I want to include a bit on oldschool/early rec.arts.bodyart, since that's why I got on the Internet in the first place, at least recreationally. Anyway, if anyone can identify the people in the photos below (I see Anne Greenblatt and Barry Blanchard, but my rusty brainguts aren't remembering any others), please do! (And if you know exactly when these were taken, even better).


I'm just scanning the last dregs of photos for the scrapbook, and then later tonight I'll start doing a test output to see how it looks. I still have about 20 pages of text that it's breaking my heart to omit, so I'll try and squeeze in as much as I can.

I will be very impressed if anyone can name all the people in the photos. I'll give two hints on the ones that aren't obvious. One of them used to be my boss, and the other one “invented” the vertical labret through a series of misadventures.

Update: The answers. From left to right, those people are Haji/spacebot, Me, Tim “Torture King” Cridland (Zamorra), Ryan (badseeds), Erik (The Lizardman), and Essie.

Well then…

…I think I'm going to call it a night soon, at least as far as the scrapbook is concerned. I only have 150 unopened emails left, plus a small pile of things here that I have to scan. Anyway, here's two more pages:

America is not its people?

I want to attract your attention to one story and one story only this morning. Actually, just one quote, really, but it sums up what has happened to America. America was formed as a place where democracy — literally the voice of the people — was to form the country and was also to dictate the actions of the country. When the government acted, it would act for the people, under the people's will.

A noble desire!

Now let me paraquote Rumsfield: America in times of war will not listen to the public or allies. This makes if very clear that the current administration feels that they are somehow “superior” to the people who put them there (even if they weren't legally elected, the American people built the framework that they're enjoying the spoils of), and most definitely a separate institution — making you their slaves.

Let me remind Mr. Rumsfield of something very important: America is its people. Any leader who doesn't believe that to their core does not deserve to be in power, and any leader that acts contrary to that and as a result costs the lives of both American servicemen and American public deserves to be tried for treason and executed.

These are documentably evil men — men willing to trade human life for cash — and they must be removed by any means necessary. Again, they have time after time shown that they are willing to murder monstrous numbers of innocent and uninvolved people in trade for power and money. Documentably evil…


I've got to take a break from scrapping it to do a couple of tasks (that you'll appreciate for sure) for BMEshop. Anyway, here's the last two (not totally complete) scrapbook pages I've worked on. Off to the mines with me…