Salad Days

America labeled Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. North Korea almost immediately said, “oh yeah, well we have nuclear weapons and biological weapons, so fuck off” and America has left them alone for the most part. Iraq on the other hand said, truthfully or not, “we have no nuclear weapons, or weapons of any kind.”

So Iraq became the target. But then it got a bit goofy. Israel, which is very public about its nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare possibilities, has said that if Iraq attacks Israel, it will respond with a nuclear strike, which will of course throw the entire region into utter chaos. Israel bets that out of the inferno will leave the entire Middle East region under US and Israeli control, whereas Iraq bets that it will destroy Israel and financially destroy America.

Even if Iraq has WMDs, they probably don't have transcontinental deployment tools and probably don't have weaponry already in place in the US (but you never know). So while Iraq can quite possibly defend itself from being conquered in urban warfare, it can not effectively launch a counterstrike on US soil (that'll be left to unaffiliated terrorist groups). But it can attack Israel, setting into motion the apocalypse described above.

I choose that word “apocalypse” for a reason. If you don't remember my previous entry on it, I'll briefly quote the relevant section here:

While the liberal churches are on the whole opposed to the war, as well as of America's extreme support of Israel (another $10 billion was just pledged for "support of Israel", right?), the far Christian right are extreme supporters both of Israel and of war in the Middle East. If you want the answer why, read Revelations (ie. the "conclusion" of the Bible).

For the apocalypse to happen, Israel must be rebuilt as a Jewish state, which along with war in the Middle East will bring about the second coming of Jesus and the triumph of heaven. (full story*). The crazy punch line is that Bush's extremist Christian team has been quite publicly saying this since day one... Does no one care that the country is in part being run by religious lunatics who are doing their damndest not to bring about world peace, but to bring about the apocalypse?

Anyway, so once we step way back and look at everyone's statements, the potential sequence of events is quite clear. Now read this story: “Baghdad warns that a US strike will lead it to hit back at Israel”. Couple that with the pole shift which is going to happen inside the next ten years, and the world becomes an unpleasant place (the pole shift probably won't irradiate the earth according to the geological record, but it probably will diminish the magnetosphere enough to destroy most satellites — no communications, no weather prediction, no GPS navigation, etc — don't underestimate how important they are nowadays).

* I don't know why, but this article appears to have been taken offline. I'll put reconstructing its evidence on my to-do list… It's a very scary set of facts.

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