Hats Galore!!!

Since we started making stuff, we've wanted to do nice toques. Problem is, every sample we'd seen was pretty crappy quality. Anyway, we finally got some back and they are awesome. They turned out so well — click on the photos below for some closeups or click here for their page on BMEshop.

Anyway, they're slick. Neither of the two models particularly wanted to model this morning, but pretend they're as thrilled about these hats as I am. We also have the skull (the one that was on the rock t's) design on its way… And, courtesy of Danielle's clothing company (I don't even know what it's called… BME: The Beazer Manufacturing Empire?), here are two prototypes for a new line of hats based on the BME Kid's Club characters:

Those will be available in a limited edition run later this winter. The toques above are in stock now; they'll move quickly though so you might want to grab one.

Finally, an update on the scrapbook: as you know, they're at the bindery. The softcovers, barring catastrophe, will definitely be done by week's end, and the hardcovers (which take more time as the covers are sewn not glued) should be as well, so they should all ship on Monday. The print house is aware of the time constraints and is doing everything it can to go as quickly as possible.

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