So I was trying to find some reference to the product in the diary below, and the best I could find was lots of references to the file format it used (just a group-3 fax file without headers basically; just b/w modified huffman encoding).

I've been releasing commercial software since the 1980s, but in the early 90s I moved over to producing larger custom software, so most of my bigger products are pre-Internet. It's weird how some of them have just dropped off the face of the planet; short of old magazine articles there's literally no references. Not only that, but the source code is gone, as are all the design notes (as far as I know).

It's actually pretty scary how much gets lost all the time… You know the old smarts-admiration expression “he's forgotten more than I know”? I wonder if it matters that we've forgotten these things. As far as the above, what good is a obsolete encryption technology, obsolete fax control engines, a pre-TTF vector font rendering engine, and some odd OCR tools? The hardware required to run it probably doesn't even exist much in functioning form any more…


I'm going to go fiddle with the forum search tools now, and hope that I'm not repeating work I've already done a few times… But first I have to go figure out what's stalling the experience engine. I don't know if reviewers are having problems, but my moderation step isn't working like it should and I figured there'd be an experience update today or tomorrow depending on how many we have waiting for us.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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