My brain hurts

Oh, I've been thinking too hard today I think… Didn't get at all as much done as I should have. I mostly spent the day listening to bagpipe music and mostly thinking about inventing a new form of music, instead of getting much done. I wrote all of about 500 lines of code, and accidentally deleted some essential code (the iamedit module), although I do have a recent backup.

Music is made up of a complex set of frequencies which, to oversimplify, make different parts of your ear vibrate. These vibrations have a structural/locational context, as well as motion as “objects” over the fourth dimension. We're still treating music largely in the same sense as we did fifty thousand years ago. While beautiful, it's primitive.

If you wear high quality headphones (standard headphones can't physically produce the sound required) and run unusual tonal structures on the edges of human hearing, odd neurological effects start happening. You are able to alter brain states (that is, put people into waking dreams, make them suggestable, make them pass out, make them vomit, make them orgasm, and so on) and if not careful, really mess a person up*.

Anyway, I was thinking that it should be elementary to combine this with biofeedback tech (which is relatively inexpensive) and build a device that creates music not so much to tell a harmonic story, but to “massage the nervous system”.

Oh, and I have a quick code update I'll be adding in the next couple of days — a quick'n'easy way to change the background color of the title bars on diary entries. Then I'll set up my diary into three color codes. One for IAM/BME entries (the essential stuff), one for political and news entries, and one for personal entries.

* Yes, I've been experimenting on myself a lot lately.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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