I thought I'd mention a new US policy I support; that I think is actually a pretty cool idea if it's implemented honestly. Here's the story on NYtimes. Basically they're creating a small ($5 billion) foreign aid pool that's kind of a “scholarship”. To win it countries have to spend money on education and follow free market principals. Of course, it may well end up like the Clemens Foundation did…

I'll also mention that Derek's QOD desktop client has come along well. There's also a Blackberry version in the works!

I shouldn't watch TV any more. Saw some conservative speakers in the US saying that Saudi Arabia was a “better ally” than Canada, and that because Canada is not a democracy (I have no idea how the hell they came up with that, but they actually stated that the Canadian government is appointed by the Royal Family*) and is not to be trusted… This was as part of an argument for a “North American Defense Shield” (aka military occupation of Canada).

On that note, hate crimes against Muslims are up by 1600% since 9/11. However pre-9/11 Muslims were the least hassled group (only 28 incidents in 2000), so there were “only” 481 incidents in 2001… In Los Angeles alone there were 280 incidents of white-on-black hate crimes in 1996. So when you read that 1600% number, pay attention to how people are spinning it.

According to a NVAW (National Violence Against Women) poll, over 300,000 women are raped in the US every year, or about 200,000 according to the DOJ. And that number is going up too. Going by the numbers, at least 1,500 women on IAM have been raped. It's a very big problem. So yes, 481 incidents of anti-Muslim crimes is atrocious and unacceptable, but don't let it distract you from other atrocities.

I didn't sleep well last night.

I woke up every few hours, and eventually dragged myself out of bed covered in sweat. I've got so unbelievably much work to do right now… And for whatever reason, the Supermicro P4DCE+ motherboard I need is on serious backorder, so I'm getting stalled on all fronts.

I think I'm going to stop eating for a few days; just rice and green tea. Go monk. I'm worried that I'm slowing down. I want things to go faster, to keep getting faster. I have an idea for an automated software generation tool called the MonkeyMaster I'm fiddling with.

How the MonkeyMaster works:

It pumps source code first into a combination structural analysis and repeater tool coupled with a markov chain based pattern tool. Multiple streams are spit out and run through a proof checker and are run in a highspeed test environment. Nonfunctional code is thrown out, and functioning streams are demoed and selected.

Pieces grow on the code along the same lines as a random path crystalline fractals (that is, they “wander” the edges of the code until they find a random attachment point). This code is constantly splitting in multiple dimensions so paths can be chosen in a more dynamic fashion than a single flat file or even a linked series of flat files.

It's called the MonkeyMaster project because it's based on the notion that if you have a million monkeys at typewriters, eventually they type Hamlet. Anyway, if those million monkeys type incredibly fast, and then their output is proofread, and then treated as puzzle pieces where matches are determined not by shape but by context (is there really a difference though?) and then a subject engine categorizes the output, not only would the monkeys write Hamlet, but they'd write all books, and they'd even categorize them for you.

I want to be the MonkeyMaster!

Anyway, enough with the rambling, I have work to do.

* This is true, but only symbolically/ceremonially.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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