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Another email response from my old buddy Franko Derb to some jackass that thought he could get a membership by sending in ripped off porn pix. This guy was so stupid that he was sending in sluttycamgirl pix — with their logos still on them!

Thank you so much for sending in your pictures. We have processed them and added them to the site and have applied the standard $24.99 charge per photo. You will see this automatically deducted on your next bank statement.

For legal reasons we can't email you your password so we have left it with AOL tech support. Ask for Jerry Holstein (he works weekdays between 9AM and 5PM) or ask for Susan Burrow (she works weekends and occasional night shifts). When you get them on the phone (although most of the other tech support people can help you when it comes down to it), say the following passphrase and they'll give you your password information:

"The green heron sits in the rotted nest with bowling ball eggs"

If you didn't manage to get through to either Jerry or Susan, just let the person know that they can find that information if they look in the folder "\\AOL\BME\\\PASSWORD-DATA\RECKER8889\"

Enjoy the site, and thank you again for sending in your pictures,

Franko Derb
Ministry of Passwords

If it wasn't for Franko, I'd be a far angrier fellow.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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