I'm on my third build of this video now, trying to get the filtering just perfect. It really sucks having my main machine tied up. I'm at the point in the year where every single minute that I'm not working is a minute of sleep that I'm going to have to lose, so I really can't afford to have it tied up for so long.

The fact is that if I don't get this work done, I can't pay for IAM and various other things I care about. So if it means long hours and no sleep, so be it. It's not like there are any other options anyway.

While waiting this morning I read some copies of TIME magazine from a couple months ago. What a depressing load of shit that was. A pile of lies about the war that only an utterly uninformed and short-sighted fool would believe, and not only that, stories that when compared against current news stories don't even line up. I really have no idea how the average news reader doesn't call their bluff a la The Emperor Has No Clothes. Why doesn't it happen? Is the average person a fucking moron? Do they simply not care?

I'm sorry if it sounds insulting, but more and more I believe that as long as you keep giving people their soma, you can murder in their name indefinitely, and rape them to pay the bill. It's a very sad comment on the illusionary freedom of modern Western “democratic” capitalism.

The West is still a slave-based economy, and it will be as long as it retains capitalism. It's a simple fact. I challenge any economist to deny that fact. It's the core fact that is required for a capitalist system to succeed, as it is an inherently predatory/parasitic pyramid scheme which can only function by enslaving and abusing the majority of its people.

Anyway, then in the TIME magazines there were a bunch of articles about how white-collar workers are becoming unemployed in high numbers and not finding replacement work. Boo-fucking-hoo. That's like telling me that soldiers are out of work because there's no more people to kill. Here's a hint: it's because your job was bullshit, and never should have existed in the first place.

The fact is, work is work. Skilled and/or educated work is still work. What I do for example may require more skills, but I certainly can't say that what I do is any more difficult or noble or back-breaking than a manual laborer working the same hours. Work is work. Human is human. An hour is an hour.

Question: Why do people doing “my job” deserve $300 an hour?
Answer: They don't.

As I've said before, every piece of wealth, every dollar on this planet is created by physically processing the world's natural resources. Food, water, land, trees, minerals, oil, and so on. But somehow we've gotten to a place where the people who actually make that happen make very little in terms of power, money, and quality of life, whereas the people who force them to do it — the people higher up on the pyramid — become rich by circumstance.

Don't put up with it.

Wealth is in a good meal and a warm bed and good friends laughing around a fire. You don't have to play their game. You really don't. Land is cheap. A home is cheap. The planet and the sun will do the rest if your heart is pure and you have faith in your path.

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