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Just had a nice break from the day with Ryan and Corrie. Drank more beer than I've drank in a month (that would be “none” seeing as I'm more of a stoner than a boozer), and got an awesome new BMEvideo shirt (launchdate Jan 1 2003). It is so after my bedtime though… (Yeah, ha ha, I know it's only 9PM, but I get up very early).

Hydrogun Part II

It's super simple. The projectile is loaded into the cylinder and held in place by a rubber seal or something like it. The cylinder then rotates into alignment with the barrel. Then the detonation chamber is inflated with pressurized gas and then ignited, blowing out the projectile at high speed. The cylinder then rotates out again and the whole thing repeats.

It should work, right? It seems simple enough… Although if I put one together you can bet that I'm firing it remotely! There's no way I'm getting in the way when it blows up (if I'm lucky my hand will end up like Mark Pauline's… that's the best case scenario).

I don't see why one couldn't build one of any size — can you imagine the fun you could have with one that was capable of lobbing thirty pound shells accurately at five hundred yards! It's basically a far more dangerous and powerful version of air powered potato and pumpkin guns. It's either that or mount a rail gun onto the Jeep.

I really want to build a big EMP device too… They don't look that hard, although they're a lot more dangerous than my hydrogun. But the last thing I need is getting one point twenty-one gigawatts blasting through my body, sending me back to November 5th, 1955….


First I should mention that Basia (currently fighting cancer) has set up a forum on her page for people dealing with cancer.

Also, I was hoping someone with some solid engineering knowledge could tell me how large a detonation chamber would be required to build a hydrogen powered spud-gun-type device that instead of firing potatoes fired shaped projectiles (ie. bullets). So basically it would be like a G11 but instead of using gunpowder to propell the bullets, it would use electrolysized water.

If anyone has links on the subject, or can share some technical information as to what size explosion would be needed, etc. let me know (via the Whatever forum preferrably).

“For entertainment purposes only.”


I've been waking up so early lately; 5AM or so I think. That's when I used to get up to do farm chores when I was a kid — up at 5AM to milk the goats and then when I got older, feed the highland cattle. Probably not a bad thing though, since I do my best work in the morning.

Since it's December 7th, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks, I thought I'd tell you a little story that I'd like you to think about in light of current events. At the beginning of the 1940s, the American population was largely anti-war — 80 percent of Americans, led by popular characters such as Charles Lindberg wanted nothing to do with “Europe's War” and really perceived it as “not their problem”.

It's also important to note that in 1940, Japan was not yet allied with Germany (only Italy was at that point). Then in late September, Germany and Italy signed the Tripartite Pact. Lt Commander Arthur McCollum of Naval Intelligence sent a letter to the Roosevelt administration advising him that if the government wanted to counter the anti-war movement they could draw Japan into the war by provoking an attack on Pearl Harbor.

The day after the memo, Admiral James Ridchardson (Commander in Chief of the US Fleet) told Roosevelt that he refused to put his men and equipment in harm's way just to drag America into a war that was none of its business anyway. He was fired on the spot and replaced with an obscure officier (Kimmel) who was promoted to four stars and put in place in Hawaii in charge of the Navy. Another inexperienced officer (Walter Short) was similarly promoted and put in charge of the Army there.

The Roosevelt administration enacted all of McCollums “provocations”. The whole time they had good intelligence on Japanese reaction to them. Because of these provocations, the militant elements of the Japanese government took control of that country, not knowing they were both being monitored and played as pawns.

When in late November the Roosevelt administration received intelligence that the attack was to happen on Dec 7th, 1941, Kimmel and Short in Hawaii were ordered to stand down and allow the attack to happen since it was important for public impression that Japan first launch a devastating attack. And, it happened, and nearly 2500 Americans — and later countless Japanese and Europeans — were sacrificed for it.

Sound familiar?

Remember the Tonkin incident? Remember the 9/11 attacks?

PS. The Pearl Harbor Deception, and more and more.


Check out brennan.X's page for a preview of his designs for new IAM.ZOMBME shirts! Do they look amazing or what! Makes me wish I never dropped out of art school. Anyway, click the picture below to go to his page and see them at full size.