Monthly Archives: December 2002

Old age

That's me on the right, walking with my brother on the beaches of Vancouver Island, not far from where I grew up. I'm pretty sure that's kelp we're dragging around. I have very little memory of Victoria. The beach is one of those memories.

Oh, oh ohhhhh,,,,,

I am in so much pain right now. I thought I'd take a break from working and take the ATV for a spin in the swamp (it's frozen right now of course, and contains many giant obstacles). Anyway, so I'm tearing along at full speed when the front of the ATV catches on a frozen clump of dirt (the ground is VERY hard right now).

I went flying over the front handlebars and rolled along the ground for a minute. I took seven years of judo, so falling isn't really a big deal. But the bigger problem was that the ATV's inertia caused it to flip up into the air and sail over me… almost…

The ATV came crashing down on top of me, hitting me in the hip with it's rear section. Luckily the front hit the ground first, absorbing most of the blow — although now the handlebars are rather bent (but it could have been much worse). It then rolled once more, and other than the slight warping, it seems to still work fine.

There was a temporary pain in my chest, but other than that I felt fine at the time. About an hour later the real pain kicked in — I have an acute stabbing pain any time I rotate my left leg at the hip and I basically can't walk. If it's not improved by morning I guess I'll have it x-rayed (and will be mostly sitting at the BBQ).

Was it worth it?

Hell yeah!

Would I do it again?

Two words: FUCKIN' A


I'm not going to be online a lot over the next 48 hours as I'll be doing all the final touches on the New Year's update. Plus I got FAP'ed last night by the satellite provider for exceeding my download limit which was pretty annoying. Anyway, anything in italics is a direct quote, the rest is paraphrase:

US: North Korea, if you don't stop making these crazy nuclear threats, we're going to tell your neighbors to stop trading with you.

N Korea: Once again, you are rattling off preposterous slander against our Republic. You are so stupid, and have such a worthless and deceptive record that it's hardly possible that sound remarks will come out of your mouth.

I don't know… If it wasn't for the nukes in the middle of it, it would be kind of funny. The North Koreans are a lot more amusing than Saddam Hussein. You know, instead of Northrop-Grumman supplying the tools of the trade, I propose that NERF become the leading defense contractor. Make people fight with silly safe weapons for a change.

PS. If anyone can give Marty a ride up to the New Year's BBQ it would be greatly appreciated.


I've finally started actually building the update for 01/01/03… The backend software stuff is all functioning as far as I can tell. Anyway, I've only gotten through the first few hundred pictures so far I think, but this one struck me (and I really prefer my 2003 logo overlay to previous ones, plus the new scaling algorithms are gorgeous):

It's the biggest apadravya I've seen in a while — 33mm, or about 1 5/16“. In addition, I've found at least my main cover image for the update. The only hint I'll give is that it's a gorgeous play piercing photo of an IAM member. (It might change, but so far I'm really sold on this picture).

But that's all I'll say!

Anyway, if you have pictures in the queue, your password will go out you tonight, tomorrow, or Monday. Experiences will be getting processed on Monday, and the update will most likely be posted around noon on the 31st (Tuesday), just before the BBQ starts.

Klyde's Kutting

I've just finished creating the master for the sixth DVD release of BMEvideo (all of which become available on the first of January) and am off to deliver it to be pressed. It's a cleaned up and greatly improved version of the old PCUT video (and it also contains the “barnsledding” and “dude, not in the nuts” b-sides).

The video is a full hour and forty minutes long, and shows the complete procedure start-to-finish without being cut down at all. I should mention that this is a medical procedure done in an OR, not a “scene” castration. Oh, and it's probably obvious, but those clips do not do the DVD justice!