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Morning of Dec 21, 2002

BME News Feed
Dec 22: NY: Over-40 Rebels With a Caus…
Dec 20: MI: Man pleads guilty in kitchen…
Dec 20: ME: Bra wires and body piercing…
Dec 19: NJ: Apprenticeship legally requi…
Dec 19: CA: Tattoo parlor finds loophole…
Dec 19: FL: Scratcher gets scratched
Dec 18: VA: Hopewell may legalize tatto…
Dec 18: WI: Brookfield considers reversin…
Dec 18: CA: Fontana sets tattoo regulati…
Dec 18: PQ: Hate worn on the skin

Just a couple quick news stories to mention:

  • Is the real purpose of the domestic war on terror (ie. Homeland Security, etc.) actually ethnic cleansing?
  • Do you have your buzz word decoder ring? Remember the new rule of justice is “do unto others so they can't do unto you”.
  • Another story on the brilliant new Bush plan (“an Internet strategy to secure cyberspace”) to force ISPs to give the government live feeds of all their network traffic (in a useful form) for their “early-warning center”. Another stupid idea that won't stop terrorism, but will erode civil rights even more (and chase tech companies out of the US).
  • Enemies galore! If the US keeps pushing its unilateral stance, it will find itself with no friends, and only enemies. World population: 6 billion. US population: 275 million. That is, there are 22 times as many people in the world as there are Americans. So the US must learn to get along and play nice or it will be destroyed*. The numbers are irrefutable.
  • Latest State Dept meeting: “Future of Iraq, Oil and Energy Working Group“. Here's a hint: stop buying oil from Saddam Hussein (50% of the oil Iraq produces goes to America [info], 8% of America's total consumption), and stop trying to take it by force. America can only play this pyramid game for so long. America must learn to stand on its own two feet again, proud and independent without having to steal from other nations to survive.
  • 100,000 troops on their way to the Gulf with forces amassing by January's end. If this thing goes urban, they'll need a lot of body bags as well. The people of Iraq are now armed to the teeth, and attacking a well defended population in hostile, unfamiliar, and punishing terrain and in their homes generally results in an unacceptable high casualty rate for the invading force.

* Or if you're to believe folks like Pat Buchanan, America will be destroyed pretty much no matter what, again, “by the numbers” it's inevitable, short of massive cultural change. Military aggression hastens the problem, but massive cultural change (ie. focus on family, increased birthrate, energy and food independence, etc.) is needed for America — and most Western countries — to survive as the nations they are now.

I think I'm going to go make myself a sandwich and then finish putting together this workspace. My must-do task for the day is mastering another DVD for the video site that launches on January 1st. Mostly it's heavy-duty adult stuff a la bme/HARD, but there are also things like the ModCon DVD, BBQ footage, and there are both suspension and tongue splitting DVDs in the works that are more “general interest”.

Morning of Dec 20, 2002

BME News Feed
Dec 20: ME: Bra wires and body piercing…
Dec 19: NJ: Apprenticeship legally requi…
Dec 19: CA: Tattoo parlor finds loophole…
Dec 19: Australia: LOTR actors get matc…
Dec 19: FL: Scratcher gets scratched
Dec 18: VA: Hopewell may legalize tatto…
Dec 18: WI: Brookfield considers reversin…
Dec 18: CA: Fontana sets tattoo regulati…
Dec 18: PQ: Hate worn on the skin
Dec 18: ON: Tattoos, piercings linked to…

First, check out the newsfeed on the right (which I am keeping updated as best I can, I'll probably be looking for helpers in the new year). The second story is the interesting one, with a NJ town now requiring tattoo artists to serve a 2,000 hour apprenticeship (about one year full-time), and piercers a 1,000 hour apprenticeship. It's an interesting step because it's one of the first real moves I've seen to attempt to kill off scratchers.

– – –

A few days ago I'd mentioned that Thomas Kean had replaced Kissinger as the head of the “independent” 9/11 commission. I'd assumed that it was a good thing; Kean is spoken of highly by both sides of the US political spectrum. William Rivers Pitt thinks differently. In any case, I think we all know that there will be no truly “independent” investigation, and we shouldn't expect any real answers.

President George Bush has to put up or shut up. If his administration has hard evidence that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction, he has to put that evidence on the table for everyone to see. Otherwise his credibility and the credibility of the United States will be zilch.


Surveillance culture: Next week in Washington, the cameras get turned on to monitor pro-life (ie. anti-abortion) and anti-war groups. Now, on some levels I don't have a problem with public spaces being watched, as long as there's some reasonable way for the public to access those records as well — public surveillance, if accessible by the people can protect against police brutality and much more as well.

However, we know these aren't going to be publicly accessible, and the reasons given by the officials and the public are ludicrous. Here are two that really struck me:

  • “Post-911, terrorists could use these events as a target.”
    This one comes from the officials themselves. Are we seriously being told that terrorists are targeting pro-life groups and anti-war organisations? Terrorists are not known for wanting their countries bombed, nor are they known for their support of abortion!
  • “This country is in a different place now”
    This one comes from the Reverend organising one of the marches. I think this is pretty much the biggest lie that's been presented to the American people since the attacks. While America certainly has things it must address, the last thing it should be doing is rolling back its civil rights, which to me seems akin to the suicide of a nation.

Here's a good quote from John Pilger, a UK journalist who echoes what many reporters in the West, at least in the US/Canada*/UK/Australia/etc. sphere:

Many journalists now are no more than channelers and echoes of what Orwell called the official truth. They simply cipher and transmit lies. It really grieves me that so many of my fellow journalists can be so manipulated that they become really what the French describe as functionaries, functionaries, not journalists.


That's growing to be one of the bigger stories of 2002 I think; the death of responsible media, at least as far as a media that is easily accessible by the masses. At this point the news on TV serves specific political and cultural goals and has little to do with fact or actual news reporting.

Of course, 2003 will be marked by the total death of privacy with the US forcing ISPs to help build a centralised monitoring system for the Internet. Not only would this system allow your actions on the Internet to be monitored, but they would also allow you to be monitored. Comments on Slashdot, who's running this as its lead story as I write this included,

I think this sounds like a great idea. Sincerely, Satan.

This is from the same person that asked, "Will the highways on the Internet become more few?" (Dubya, January 29, 2000, Slate.) Be afraid. Be very afraid.

What, Carnivore isn't good enough?

Isn't this already happening by virtue of Echelon?

Let's look one fact in response:

  1. Encryption and obfuscation technologies are really really good.

People who don't want their Internet usage monitored can easily hide what they're doing. Not only that, but as time goes by, it will become easier to do so because networks designed around such ideas are more effective a la Freenet. So that brings us to an obvious conclusion: these proposals have nothing to do with monitoring or stopping terrorism. They have the sole purpose of monitoring the average American, who won't be running privacy tools on their home computer.

Now let me point out one perhaps more important fact:

  1. Other countries aren't going to pass these laws.

One of the side-effects of this type of legislation is pushing US tech companies out of the country. That's not a good thing for the already failing US economy — the last thing it needs is to fall to the bottom of the innovation pile. The US lead the world over the past 100 years because it was able to ride the crest of the industrial age and push hard into the information age. However, if it forgets how it got here, it can and should expect to face a similar fall from power that Britain experienced.

Or America could blow the last of it's money on stupid ideas like a missile defense shield targeting attacks from the Middle East. First of all, it doesn't work. Second, it doesn't work. Third, it's proposed for one reason: to allow the US to take military control of space. Hello fucked up world when that happens.

War on terror? I guess we surrendered.

Anyway, it's all about screwing over the American people, so a pile of traitors that have seized country by force can get richer and more powerful. Revolution now!**

* I don't usually read or watch the mainstream news. Yesterday I listened to the radio news on the drive home. Usually I listen to the CBC, which is shockingly pro-terrorist and even unamerican for a government sponsored station (and I believe really sums up the Canadian mind-set as a whole), but yesterday it was the “dumbed down” news. It was kind of shocking — the report talked about America and Britain had shown evidence that Iraq had WMDs, had handed over no complete report of its weapons capabilities, was gassing its own people, and so on. So don't think that the media in other Western countries doesn't try and keep its people ignorant as well.

** What do I mean by that? At a minimum, don't play their game. Invest in yourself, not in them.

It's so warm here today. It's actually raining and all the snow has melted. I can literally walk around comfortably with a t-shirt outside. So far the long-term forecast is showing it staying warm. So who knows, maybe the New Year's party will seem more like an “early spring” party. Either way, a giant bonfire will guarantee warmth.

Anyway, time to go work on the year-end winner shirts. I'll post them shortly.

A giant cock telling me where to go, and fireballs shooting from my ass.

It was very warm today; well over freezing and the snow is melting. While that does make me and the skidoo sad, it also means I can drive the Vette. I've managed to put enough miles on it that the Teflon seals in the supercharger are worn in so there's no more whine. Seriously, I can't begin to describe how much I enjoy driving it. I can't wait for summer so I can take the t-tops off again.

Now I'm going to put together the cruddy little desk I got today so I can rework this workspace. Well, first I have to move three giant boxes of fireworks. I've been good; I think I've only fired off eight of them so far… Eight fireworks that is, not eight boxes! So there's still tons for New Years.

But I will of course fire off a few on Saturday to celebrate (so if you happen to find yourself on Lost Channel Road at 8:14 PM, look at the sky).

Morning of Dec 19 2002

First, if you didn't already see, the update is in place. I'm going to now go and start compiling the leaderboards, so expect those to be posted later today, both here and on the site. The one on the site is accurate and up to date, but I'll make a “more precise and verbose” one.

More than ten years ago now, when I was still living at home, my mother, aided by inept and inexperienced small-town doctors and police, managed to have me labelled as dangerously schizophrenic due to my “bizarre behaviour” (stretched ears, the decision to enter fine arts rather than science at university, etc.). I was put on large doses of dopamine-level altering psychotropic drugs, my piercings were removed, and I became a medicated zombie. Not long afterwards I was locked up in a psychiatric institute that took me about half a hear to de-tox and escape from, and years to emotionally recover from.

Because of the drugged lock-down period, I missed Christmas and most of the winter. Not only that, but by the time I had recovered, my parents had thrown themselves into a bitter and violent divorce and my father had nearly died of cancer (so he visually aged twenty years overnight as far as I was concerned). That is, go away for one Christmas, and your whole childhood foundation, as cracked as it may have been, is absolutely shattered.

So ever since I've never really enjoyed Christmas. There are a lot of other reasons (commercialism, the forced nature of scheduled mass gift-giving, the religious overtones and conflicts it encompasses, and so on) too, but that's the gist of it. It's hard because most people don't feel this way, so if Christmas hurts, one becomes a real pariah during the season.

News update time perhaps?

By the way, I strongly encourage others to write these news updates too. It's really eye opening, and it helps you develop your world view. Even if you come to different conclusions, it's both good mental exercise, and it lets you in on secrets — from the connections between overlapping stories — that “they” don't want you to see.

As you know, Bush has promised that there will be a missile defence system by 2004 — considering that it costs $100 million per test (failed) flight per missile, I can't imagine how much Americans are going to be conned into paying for it. It's ludicrous. You might be able to get a space-based high-power laser system to knock missiles out of the sky, but that comes with its own problems. In any case, a physical missile based defence system simply won't work.

Looks like there'll be 50,000 more US troops and 30,000 UK troops fighting in Iraq soon. While inexperienced chickenhawks like Rumsfield are claiming that the Iraqi government will collapse in fear as soon as the tanks roll, the experienced military leaders call the plan risky.

Time to tell another story, this one from Gulf War Episode I. I'll simply quote it:

[The Gulf War was just about as easy as a video game]. We'd bombed the daylights out of them for months, then shelled them for more than 24 hours. We barely had to show up for those guys to throw down their guns and beg us to take them captive. I wish we could have...

After so many thousands of prisoners, the order came down that it was endangering our men to capture any more. There were so many at once — it seemed like a trick. So we called in the bulldozers.

I had to give the order; order men who drove the earth-movers to just cover up the trenches. To bury those poor bastards alive.

Not that anyone cares — that particular story has been in the news for ten years now, and is not denied by the Pentagon. I'm actually impressed that the churches are playing a strong anti-war role. Let's hope it's for ethical reasons not some larger long-game plan that I'm not seeing.

More good news: Twenty US cities, including Flagstaff, Oakland, Denver, Boulder, Eugene, Sata Fe, and Santa Cruz, have passed laws banning city employees from aiding the feds in undermining the rights of the people. Of course, Georgia et al tried that back in the 1800s, and look where it got the South. Along the same story, so far two respected teaching hospitals have refused to go along with Bush's moronic smallpox vaccination plan (a plan in which Americans would be innoculated using a two-decade out-of-date vaccine known for its dangerous side-effects).

In an interesting turn of events, the IAO has deleted both it's freaky illuminati logo and it's “knowledge is power” slogan from their web page… Like I said a few days ago, modern history is defined by what's on the TV today, not by what was on the TV yesterday. Along those lines, do you remember where to find weapons of mass destruction? That said, given how much pressure reporters are under to lie, don't expect to hear it loudly in the US media.

It's interesting to watch McDonald's lately. They've obviously come under massive pressure from environmental groups and crotch-coffee-spilling litigious freaks, and are expected to post their first quarterly loss in their entire history. Anyway, I found this article on how McDonalds uses anti-American propaganda to market itself to fools in France, Yugoslavia, Indonesia, Egypt, and other countries that have strained relations with the homeland.

Justin Raimondo of points out shocking statements made by Sen. Bob Graham including the fact that the 9/11 attacks were launched by a foreign government, and that none of that aspect is being investigated, and that Israel hid foreknowledge of the attack specifics. In other quick news:

  • Seymour Hersh says that if we don't stop this current wave of US aggressive and imperialism that we will find ourselves unstoppably buried in a hundred-year long war (which will end when America ceases to exist as the country it is now).
  • Former Prez Clinton says that not only is Lott a racist, but the entire Republican party is built on racism and systematic holding back of minorities.
  • Chiefs of the US ground forces say that the US war plan is inaccurate and will not go as planned.
  • If the US invades, Iraq has plans to initiate an apocalyptic “scorched earth” scenario… Exactly what Ashcroft and Rumsfield are looking for.

Finally, unless you've been living under an absolutely enormous rock, you know all about the Enron scandals (involving massive fraud, financial manipulation, and even causing the California energy crisis). Anyway, in 1997, Enron held a going-away party for former Enron Prez Kinder which included skits performed by other execs and big-names, including both Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. The skits included jokes about “hypothetical future value accounting” and the rest of the fraud they later claimed they didn't know about.

Again, not that anyone in America cares. I mean, Cheney et al wrote a year before the 9/11 attacks that “for America to retain its place as a world leader, it needs a catacylsmic attack, a 'new Pearl Harbor', to rally its people behind the flag”. Hmm… Then we see that, even ignoring the larger conspiracies, at a minimum the FBI et al did everything they could to stop agents from stopping 9/11. But again, not that anyone cares — at least not enough to do anything about it? Revolution now!

America hates democracy.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it people will eventually come to believe it.

- Joseph Goebbels

Let me ask you a simple question: Does the American government consistently do what is best for the American people, or does it consistently do what is best for small but powerful subsectors of the corporate landscape? Unless you can say that it consistently does what's best for the American people (it's a simple question), then you absolutely know that America — at least on a federal level — is not a democracy, and has in fact been seized by force by a corporate dictatorship.

Fuck them up.

PS. There's also a lot more to these stories that I've uncovered but I can't safely print it online because of how I got the information. However, if you're at the Tweed New Year's BME BBQ, feel free to ask me about it.