Later tonight there's a show on TLC featuring myself, Lukas Zpira, Jerome, and others: “Skin Sculptors”. It's on tonight at 10 PM, and then again at 1 AM, and then it gets replayed this upcoming Saturday at 4 PM. Assuming the clips of IAM folks are short I'll capture them but if they're longer I legally probably shouldn't.

Skin Sculptors
Welcome to the shocking world of amateur plastic surgery, where a man has a healthy leg amputated and a woman alters her features to erase her identity. Patients risk arrest, tremendous pain and even death to achieve the body they desire.

I think the amputee they've interviewed may be Subtracting, but I don't really remember. I think Chad, Marty, and Phil might be in it as well — the TLC film crew shot Chad's suspension. They were also at the BME BBQ and the Toronto Tattoo convention if I remember right (was it August? September?). I got interviewed by a separate crew from Discovery that week too so maybe there's something else coming out as well.

It was a very long set of interviews and by the end of them I was really tired, so I have a fear that they'll edit me to make me say something other than what I said. I always have that fear though right before an interview, but in this one they asked me whether I thought that the procedures that Lukas, Steve, et al were doing were safe on a medical level (which obviously they aren't).

So I hope they don't take out the follow up statement that (a) those people are artists and as long as they aren't misrepresenting themselves they should be allowed to proceed, and (b) that people have a fundamental right to pursue body modification, since they should have total authority over their own bodies.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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