Dinner for the damned

You know you're working too hard when you get up with the sun (about 7 AM or so) and you're still working hard at 2:15 AM, having taken only an hour break… I still have about two hours more to go, since when I start a video editing task I have to finish it as it dominates the machines until that point (and when I'm done it'll be late enough that I might as well do the newsfeed tasks as well).

I'm in a fair chunk of pain in part because of my wrist, but more because of using a low-rate TV as an editing monitor. Computer monitors are mostly out of my hearing range, but the whine of a TV is just inside my audible range and it drives me bonkers. I really hate the sound… Time to pop a few codeine pills (they're OTC up here, Mexico of the North), find something to drink, and build a menuing system.

Update, 3:30 AM – The DVD is completed editing and menuing, and it's almost completed muxing. I don't think I'm going to stay up for the burn. I'll double check it in about four hours when I get up.

Part of the reason I'm working hard now is because since I have a little Shannon (well, Rachel has absolutely forbidden me from naming him/her Shannon a la George Foreman) on the way, I want to work my ass off before that happens so that by the time I have “better” things to dedicate my time to I'll have solidified these revenue streams. Hopefully!

Also, like I said before, it's important to me to create projects like BMEvideo that will kick funds to IAM and other community investments in a relatively hands-off fashion. As you know I feel very strongly that since our product is OUR product (versus it being MY product), on a moral level anything it reaps must go back to the community that created it.

Wow Shannon, that's really annoying! What is it, 1997 on Geocities? Retroweb is NOT cool!

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