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January 8th, 2003

I have to first make a couple minor changes to the gallery builder, but once I've done that and confirmed it works, I'll try and do an experience update, at least partially… I should really focus on re-writing the image adder tool as well so I can get others to help me with it…

The UN so far finds no prohibited weapons in Iraq, but the US continues to use the lack of weapons as “proof that Saddam is hiding them” and the UN predicts that the US will murder as many as 500,000 Iraqis over a little oil and a lot of imperialism.

Further around the globe, North Korea tells the US that if it messes with it in any way, it'll start a war on the penninsula. Because North Korea actually has the defenses that Iraq is claimed to have, the US agrees to talk.

Now here's the problem. Two clear messages are sent out to the world. First, America is a nation of cowards and liars that only attacks weaker countries under false pretense (let me be clear: I'm not saying the US people are bad, just that's the message that Bush is sending the world). Second, the only way to defend oneself against imperialist invasion is by escalating your weapons program. Good going Bush — you've demonized the American people, destroyed any positive reputation the US had left, and have dramatically increased the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

A beacon in the darkness?


Well, actually I don't use a Polaroid, I use a Fujifilm instant camera (way better). I just finished a very long interview, plus my brain is totally numb from working on re-seeding the ad database. It's horrible work, not fun at all.

Yes, I am wearing a Hello, my name is Queen of the Fucking Universe shirt… I think it's a lot funnier than the cliched Hello my name is Satan shirts (which I like too — not slagging!). I really like this photo, but it doesn't have enough definition… The truck looks great though — although it's not sitting with its ass in the air, the camera is just crooked! Rachel likes this photo (I don't)… I think it was taken at the end of the day, so I'm worked to death, very tired, and quite probably stoned judging by the picture.

Back to work with me now, at least I know that this is a job I only have to do once… When it's done its done, and to be honest I think I'm going to hand the task to others to deal with. It's taken me a long time to get used to the idea, but I'm starting to come around to the concept of staff.

Raise your weapons?

As you may have seen in today's newsfeed, those guys in Fort Worth did beat the “tattoo duration” world record. Now, my opinion on world records is no secret, but damn, getting tattooed for 30 hours has got to be intense… And I think the person who deserved the real credit is the artist. That's a long time to hold a tattoo machine for…

Now I have to go actually seed the ad database so I can do an image update, most likely tomorrow. But it'll be good to finally get all the insanely out of date stuff out of rotation.

The potential war with North Korea continues to bubble away… North Korea is pushing America to the point where they have to admit that they are cowards that only attack weak nations… Or launch a very difficult war. Looking forward to getting DRAFTED?

Remember, under the new proposed law, women can get drafted too. A corpse is a corpse, they really don't care what shape its genitals are. The war machine eats its soylent green raw.

Reality TV?

So you can decide if this is funmail, but I just received the following message:

Dear Shannon,

My name is Sally Lear, I am a Casting Director in Los Angeles on a special assignment for a major television network 's new reality series. I am looking for individuals that are really into the Modern Primitive Movement. Similar to Fakir Musafar however, any ethenicity will do. Would prefer 28-40 years old. If you (personally) or if you know anyone that would be right for our show, please contact me via email or call my office @310-650-7677. Thank you.

Sally Lear

Well, I figure people might want to do that, I know I've got a weakness for watching reality tv anyway. I said to her, “If you get me more details (a press release on the show?) I can forward this to some awesome people. I assume they must be US citizens?”

I received the following email back. I post it here so anyone who'd like to be on such a show can reply.

Thank you for offering to help me on my search. My search is global therefore I'm sure that the Sci Fi channel would acquire the proper work permit for the individual. It is a TV series and that's all that I am allowed to say at this point. Networks are secretive about shows in development because there is so much piracy.

At this point I really just need a NON-returnable photograph and some sort of bio or brief with contact information about the individual.

The more unusual the individual the better with lots of piercings. This is primetime TV- there is no nudity involved. Would prefer younger (25-40) and hip and/or trendy is fine too. Someone who is into piercing and branding for personal expression. I think I mentioned to you a young Fakir Musafar. The role is not limited to ethenicity , additionally no acting experience is necessary as this is a reality show.

Shannon, I'd really appreciate your help in finding some interesting people. I have to be done with my search on Jan 20th. at least that is done with the first step of the casting process. Anyone that Sci Fi is interested in they would fly here to Los Angeles for that next step.

Let me know how approx how many interested parties you have that would be right for this show.
I can either call them direct or they can mail their information directly to my office addressed to :

Sally Lear Casting
838 North Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90046


If they choose they can call my office directly 310-650-7677 leave their phone # so I can call them back.

In any event the bottomline is that photograph and contact information.

Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,

Sally Lear

So there you have it! Want your 15 minutes?