Monthly Archives: January 2003


Here's twenty quick screen caps from tape one of four…






After the longest hospital wait ever (five hours — how is that even possible?) I found out that everything in my wrist was so inflamed that they couldn't even tell if it was broken or just really bashed up. So they packed me up in a splint and I get rechecked in a week.

Oh, and it was a combination of first taking a flying leap off of Phil's awesome ATV (I so wish that was taped), and then bullgod2481 and I think maybe Vegan Jonny as well punched me in the wrist super hard (not on purpose I hope).

We shot about four hours of footage (two BBQ, and then two afterhours tapes which I have been told are “very nasty” and most incriminating), so I'll try and get something put together soon. Anyway, I'll write more when I can but a huge thank you to everyone who made it to the BBQ, it was awesome to see you (again).

And I say a giant WOW to ServMe who came all the way from Belgium — I hope our distinctly strange style of BBQing was worth the trip!