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If you want to be full of it, be full of it quotably!

This is from an article/editorial written for another site so I really can't in good faith post it here in any completish form, but I will link to in whenever it does make it online. But I kind of liked one of the paragraphs, so I hope it's OK if I share that here now.

Since when is self-realization and self-actualization a trend? I suppose it might seem that way to those who have chosen a lifestyle of spiritual blindness and conformist slavery, but trust me, you don't grow out of enlightenment!

In the news

I'm very sorry about the IAM downtime, I had an application crash (totally my fault; bad code to be honest)… there are still some real problems with the submissions engine, so I think re-writing that from the ground up (time to dusk off my assembler skills) for HARDCORE SPEED is the task of the day. That and finding a cork for Leeta's ass.

Anyway, on with the news: Genetics be damned! Cloning is beginning to answer the nature versus nuture questions… What's surprising is that cloned beings don't even neccessarily look the same as their “source being”.

Here's some freaky honesty from Tony Blair… Does this mean that the UK will get bombed by the US next? Or does it just mean that we're going to admit that this whole thing is a farce but keep doing it anyway?
Reporter: Is there any link between al-Qa'ida, Iraq and terrorist groups in Britain?
Tony Blair: No.
Reporter: So, the US government knows of no link, either?
Tony Blair: I've said what I've said, and I don't think I can add to it.

Too bad we don't get those kinds of answers on this continent (not that I'm holding Blair up in any way)… Ari is far more evasive. Seriously, he's probably avoided tens times as many questions as he's answered.

Reporter: You and the President have said that Saddam has repeatedly gassed his own people. Why do you leave out the part that the United States in effect gave Saddam the green light?
Ari Fleischer: You have a question about statements that were purportedly made by the administration in 1988, you need to address those somewhere other than this White House.

Well, that ignores a couple key points, most obviously that (a) it was Bush's dad, and (b) almost all of the key staff involved are the same. It also ignores the point that since it's being used to help make the argument for invasion it should be up for questioning. Finally, it makes the frightening statement that investigation into the actions of the US government expire every four years!

So, the Ameri can people have said NO to war (including many city governments). So has Europe and two key members of the UN (Germany and France). But still, Bush et al is pro mising war no matter how flimsy the excuse.

So tell me this: what does it mean when a country launches a major war that is opposed by both its people and the international community? What does it mean that the ruling class in the US does not act in the interests of the people who “elected” it, nor in the interests of the United Nations? There is only one conclusion: the US is a rogue state run by wealthy dictators.

The tree of liberty, from time to time, must be replenished with the blood of patriots.
— Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson et al warned we would lose democracy if we allowed too much power to collect in too few individuals. We've done that, and the world is being ruled with a bloody iron first by the ultra rich and their corporate tools. Revolution is coming. It's time to send the pigs of the megacorp monsters to slaughter. Off with their heads! Some quick links on that:

  • Doubling Up of Taxation Isn't Limited to Dividends – On how Bush's tax strategy works to shift the tax burden to the lower classes, effectively making the rich richer and the poor poorer and widening the class divide.
  • The New American Filter – On how big corporations silence any debate as to the value and meaning of the extreme power they hold.
  • Congress Meets Wall Street – How Big Corporate Campaign Contributors are Buying America…And What the Rest of Us Pay. Tons of charts and info, plus a cool poster.
  • Pork Greases U.S. Weapons Program – “We have a bloated, corrupt and unaccountable military industrial congressional system that thrives on a policy of perpetual war for perpetual peace.”

Finally I wanted to mention this story from Robert Wiener, CNN's executive producer in the first Gulf War. He describes, well, to put it simply, the death of journalism and the death of the unbiased news media, at least in the US. In the US, most of the media you see (including the books students learn from) is under absolute control of the government. Land of the free…

It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
— Emiliano Zapata

Recommended reading to go with this entry: RADICAL

It could happen to you too.

Fans of the Angela gallery in BME/HARD will be sad and angry to hear that I've had to remove it, at least for now. You can thank the assholes in her home town who came across the pictures and decided it would be a good idea to spread the pictures to everyone in their town, including her kids' teachers. Not cool at all.

But it does raise the warning — don't post anything recognizable that you can't handle eventually getting linked back to you. No matter what password walls it's behind, all it takes is one sociopath to make them totally public…

Work work work…

    JPCBTF stands for JP's CBT and Fireplay. The DVD begins with a half hour long CBT session including play with his large behind-the-head apadravya piercing followed by catheter and sounding play. JP then pierces his shaft, glans, scrotum, and balls with needles and masturbates while bleeding. We've also made a convenient chapter menu for this segment.
    The second scene is the fireplay. JP douses his genitals in alcohol and dips them into the flame of a candle, igniting them. He then masturbates — sometimes wildly — in order to put out the flames before hes severely burned. We have provided this scene in two versions. The first is the full length (about half an hour) clip as we originally released it. The second is an edited down version cut to a fifth the original's length so it includes basically nothing but fire! I think youll be very happy with this update.
    The final scene, “The Wine Glass”, starts with some mild CBT, as JP jerks off into a wineglass. He cums quickly, filling the glass which he immediately drinks. Liking it so much, his erection stays on and shortly thereafter provides him with a second drink of his own semen.

I really should figure out what I'm doing for supper… I'd planned to go out to dinner earlier, but work fell behind so that got nixxed. Now I'm just waiting/hoping that Jason will go out so I don't have to put up with him being here… It's not that he's a bad guy or anything, but if you imagine a person made of pudgy cinderblocks soaked in oil and then rolled in garbage for a while, and then make it spew an endless stream of the most socially inept commentary, that's Jason. Maybe I'm just annoyed that at least every second morning he forgets to close the door when he leaves for college.

But at least the newsfeed is up to date now. It's all on the site of course, but I wanted to mention here a couple of the more interesting stories for those that are bored and want something to read:

Oh, and of the 54 people who've changed their name in the last day, I just wanted to publicly (but anonymously) thank the two people on that list who sent in a PayPal thank-you donation. It's not expected, so don't feel bad if you didn't/don't/can't, but I thought it was really cool of those two people — so thank you (you know who you are).


I probably shouldn't post this, but given that it's just the footage of us and I'm only showing it here (this is an IAM-only entry), I'll assume for now it's just barely inside fair use. The picture below is linked to a four and a half minute montage of clips of IAM members who were in the TLC show last night:

It's super low res; just 160×120 at 24fps so the file's not too big (about four meg). If you want to see it at full quality (and full length) the show airs again on Saturday at 4PM EST on TLC.